Randy Foye

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Randy Foye

We all know how the T-Wolves got it wrong and traded Roy for Foye but lately he has been playing really well for the Wizards and showing a little of why the T-Wolves made the trade. 20ppg, 7apg and 4rpg over the last 5 games. Glad to see him getting the playing time to show what he can do.

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As I watched him last night, I wasn't impressed.

Sure he put up 22 pts in 48 minutes. But in crunch time, he could of won game late, 1 on 1 with hinrich and he coughed up the ball, he choked. Then in OT he missed some big shots, and rose beat him badly 1 on 1 for some big shots.

With arenas out he will put up solid stats, but his numbers don't tell the story, he makes a lot of mental errors.

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i think the wiz traded for

i think the wiz traded for him cause they knew arenas would either get injured or do some stupid shit like this... and it worked out.

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Randy Foye is a poor man's

Randy Foye is a poor man's Gilbert Arenas, we all know he can score but cant do it consistently. At best he could be an average starter or a sparkplug off the bench.

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he has talent and can be a

he has talent and can be a 15 ppg guy. if he can get on a team where he is the third option then he will excell.

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Foye is still young and has

Foye is still young and has not played much so I can see some of the small issues and what player 1 on 1 can guard Rose. I saw him make Rondo look stupid. Hinrich is also not a bad defender but i do know that Foye has always had issues with his ball handling ability to be a true point so if he works on that he can be a poor man's Arenas or Roy.

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i'm a big foye fan and

i'm a big foye fan and thought that the trade for him and mike miller would put them over the top, obviously the wizards are mess, but i think he is a restricted FA after this year and i would love to see him on a contender, a cleveland/boston/san antonio where he can be a 6th man and really help a could team

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