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i can't remember the last name that 40 games into a season, an ENTIRE division had teams with winning records:

Dallas 26-13 (.667)
San Antonio 24-14 (.632)
Houston 22-18 (.550)
Memphis 20-18 (.526)
New Orleans 20-18 (.526)

however only 3 of these teams are currently projected to make the playoffs...if memphis/new orleans were in the east they'd be fighting for the 5th seed


6-the number of teams in the east with 20+ wins
11-the number of teams in the west with 20+ wins
13-the number of NBA teams with losing records
.077-the nets winning percentage
.775-the lakers winning percentage
109.7-the ppg phoenix averages to lead the NBA
90.1-the ppg new jersey averages worst in the NBA
1-the number of teams in the central division with a winning record (cleveland)

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It has been well established

It has been well established that the east doesn't have great depth but name the top 5 teams. mine are: Lakers, Celtics, Cavs, Magic, Nuggets. 3 of the 5 top teams are in the east so with those numbers the east is better. NUMBERS CAN BE MADE TO SAY ANYTHING.

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i think the spurs are better

i think the spurs are better then the magic

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magic rely to much on 3 point and howard,if a team stops them in one of that they arent so strong

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i would say the magic are

i would say the magic are top 5, but not the way they are playing. As for comparing the two conferences, the west is better overall. The east does have 3 or 4 top teams, but just so many squads out east are underperforming this year. Washington, philidelphia and indiana are all big dissapointments.

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