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Martell Webster

man hes putting it on. 24 points yesterday night, and in his last 8 games hes scored double digits in all of them and had four 20 point games. i wish we would've accepted the Outlaw for 2 first rounders trade from the Grizzlies earlier in the year. Anyway with Batum, Rudy, and Outlaw all coming back how will the playing time work AND WHO DO YOU THINK THEY SHOULD MOVE? I JUST HOPE WE CAN GT A GOOD CENTER IN RETURN SOMEHOW IF WE DO DEAL.

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apparently the blazers are

apparently the blazers are not in love with outlaw (no clue why) and have looked to trade him a couple times. i also think trading rudy is probable because they have a log jam at the 2. i would expect (when healthy) nicolas batum would start and they would take webster off the bench for a nice 1 2 scoring punch with him and bayless. once again, don't know why they don't want to keep outlaw, he is a great bench scoring option and can play the 4 a bit.

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