All star Weekend

With all of the dunk contest threads up here, i would just like to know who you guys all think should be in every contest this year?

Skills Challenge:
Derrick Rose
Rajon Rondo
Brandon Jennings
Monta Ellis/Aaron Brooks

Dunk Contest:
Demar Derozan
Shannon Brown
Lebron James
Russell Westbrook

3 Point Shootout
Danilo Gallinari
Jared Dudley
Anthony Morrow
JJ Redick
Jamal Crawford
Stephen Curry/Omri Casspi

Danny Granger
JR Smith
Rodney Stuckey

What do you guys think?!

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i dont know why you got

i dont know why you got negatives for this. good topic and +1. i dont think jennings should be in the skills. LeBron probably isnt going to be in the dunk contest. i personally dont even think the dunk contest matters anymore. its all about props and and you get 30 tries to do something silly

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i would like to see some big men in the 3 point competition, guys like nowitzki, bargnani, or frye..

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Isn't Kevin Durant doing the

Isn't Kevin Durant doing the Horse Competition again this year to maintain his crown?

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Yeah, i was gonna say

Yeah, i was gonna say him.
But i just picked 3 people that I dont think will make the all star game.

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