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Tony Crocker

For those of you who know him, do you think he has a shot at being drafted or making an nba roster next season? He is a 6'6 200 pound small forward for Oklahoma. In his first three seasons at Ou, he was primarily just a three point shooter and defensive stopper but this year he has added two dimensions to his game, driving to the hoop and rebounding.

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I think he's a mid 2nd

I think he's a mid 2nd rounder.

I would love to have him on my team because I would want to see if he can be a strong defender in the NBA

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their is always room for a

their is always room for a defender/shooter in the nba, he just needs the right situation. do you think daniel gibson would have made it in the nba if he didn't have a guy that commands double teams every play? Gibson is also a below average defender and is really small.

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He's not an NBA prospect.

He's not an NBA prospect. He's OU's designated defender, but he's not that good of a perimeter defender against NBA level wings, and he's got a decent shot, but it's TERRIBLY inconsistent. He's also a poor ball handler. I honestly don't know if he has a career overseas, let alone in the NBA. Not to sound harsh.

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