Dunk Contest In Perspective.

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Dunk Contest In Perspective.

1. Demar Derozen: Mini Lebron
2. Lebron James: King
3. Derrick Rose: Ronnie Fields son
4. Dwight Howard: Goof with skills

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Not more Dwight Howard!

Not more Dwight Howard! Enough!

DeMar DeRozan is interesting
LeBron: interesting too, just to see if he'll live up to the hype
Derrick Rose or Russel Westbrook: I'd rather go with Westbrook but they're similar and really interesting
Shannon Brown: deserves it

This may be a contest about how high you jump, but it's pretty hard to predict and interesting to see 4 new facesm instead of 1 like last year

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is nate

is nate going to do it again?

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rose isnt half as athletic

rose isnt half as athletic as westbrook and id WAY rather see westbrook than rose... theres videos of him dunking with the ball almost above the backboard and hes a 6 footer.. shannon brown would be awesome too... i wanna see josh smith and iggy in it against lebron

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yes, i think brent barry

yes, i think brent barry said it the other night, im tired of the gimmicks, and 7 footers, and the nates and small guys. I want to see 6'6 to 6'8 guys throwing them down with finesse and power. I dont want to see dwight anymore(thanks it was fun), nate has been in it 3 times(and won twice 1 he deserved it as kryptonate and once they robbed iggy because nate is 5'8") I want to see real athletic wing players. Here are my 4 for the dunk contest.

DEMAR DEROZAN, always a rookie in there and this is the rookie I would choose.
LEBRON JAMES, he needs to be in it atleast once, if he disappoints oh well, but the greatest players have to try.
ANDRE IGUODALA, has the best dunks in a contest not to win. He can simply do it all.
JOSH SMITH, A no brainer when it comes to dunking, he has one of the most impressive dunk contest on his resume`.

Guys who I wouldn't mind being in there but not the top 4.


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To be honest, I want it to

To be honest, I want it to be

DeMar DeRozan
Rudy Fernandez
Trevor Ariza
Joe Alexander

I would want many athletic players in the Dunk Contest...over the big names

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i believe i read both nate

i believe i read both nate and dwight will not do it this year. Neither will josh smith. I hope Shannon brown gets in, he has an internet site up called, he wants it bad and has been impressive.

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llperez... you have insider

llperez... you have insider right? If so then go read the artice they posted up on that very topic today if you are interested.

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my dream

my dream is to see J-Rich,Lebron,j-smoove and iggy =),but i think that it will be derozan,lebron,westbrook or brown and gay

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