Oden COULD return this season...

Oden's return this season?
Fri, 01/15/2010 - 1:48pm
Portland center Greg Oden is targeting a return to action this season.

“I’m actually hoping, and saying my prayers, that I can come back before the end of this season,” says Oden, who underwent surgery on Dec. 7 to repair a fractured left patella.

What do the Blazers’ medical experts, including team doctor Don Roberts and trainer Jay Jensen, have to say about that? “They haven’t dismissed the idea,” Oden says.

General Manager Kevin Pritchard confirms Oden’s version.

“It’s possible, but you know, we’ll play this by ear, and we’ll be very cautious,” Pritchard says. “We’re not going to push. We’ll let it happen naturally and follow what the doctor orders.”

Oden’s knee is braced to keep him from bending it. He has just moved from walking with crutches to using a cane.

“It’s not too sturdy,” he says. “I’m trying to find like a walking stick. That’ll be good.”

Medical experts told Oden it would take six weeks for the fracture to heal.

“We’re into the fifth week,” he says. “Another week and I can get back into the weight room.”

Pritchard says when Oden reaches that point, he can also begin water workouts. Sometime in the following two to four weeks, Pritchard says, the 7-footer should be able to begin light running and gradually increase his workout regimen.

So what are the chances that Oden will be back before the end of the season?

“I’m not ready to say that,” Pritchard says. “We’re taking it step by step. He has to hit certain milestones in his recovery. We’ll monitor his progress.


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That's good to hear, hate

That's good to hear, hate seeing a young kid like this have so many injuries so early in his career, especially with the talent he possesses.

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This is great news. Even if

This is great news. Even if he isn't able to play this season, the fact they're even considering it tells me that his surgery was a success and he should be able to make a full recovery. As an Oden fan, it feels good to read this.

I don't think they should rush him back though... Hopefully they learn from the Blake Griffin situation and take their time with this.

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that would be dumb. with his

that would be dumb. with his history of injuries it would be smart to not rush it. when you rush it thats when it doesnt get as strong as it could be and end up getting reinjured

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I saw Joe Dumars' son at

I saw Joe Dumars' son at Pistons facility and his father is thinking about proposing a trade to them for Oden, depending on what lottery slot they get.

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Yeah, he might as well shut

Yeah, he might as well shut it down for the rest of the season even IF he can still return, the extra rest throughout the summer would only benefit him, and rushing it would only increase the chances of being reinjured

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not sure why. portland isnt

not sure why. portland isnt trading oden unless they can get wade,lebron, dwight,durant, melo. etc

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Oden is a good kid..I hope

Oden is a good kid..I hope whatever decision he makes turns out to be a positive 1.......But i really hope he waits until next season.....dumars is talking bout trading for oden? ....dont know why but it sounds like something dumars would do....dont think portland will fall for it..unless its the 1st overall pick...becuz no big man in the upcoming draft is as good as oden...

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I totally agree with you

I totally agree with you MagikKinck, better to sit out and rest to prevent another injury.

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As much as I want this guy

As much as I want this guy to succeed, two surgeries in two years can really stunt his growth. That's a lot of time spent in rehab and not on the court, and he'll probably lose some of his explosiveness, but most importantly he'll probably take a long time to trust his body again. Second guessing you're knees every time you go up for a rebound/block/dunk can really hurt your game.

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