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I don't know if you guys know but Utah Jazz just recently a few minutes ago sign a 2nd 10 day contract for Sundiata Gaines. Good For Him he deserves it after his big shot last night.

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great feel good story and he

great feel good story and he made a major impact on that game even before the final shot. My only question is can he break guys down off the dribble like a pg is supposed to? He made MoWill look like an amazing defensive player the way he was harrassing Sundiata. He'll have to work on that.

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he had 9 points in limited

he had 9 points in limited minutes last night...but, as soon as d-will returns, this kid's going back where he came from (the NBDL)

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They didnt sign him because

They didnt sign him because D-Will was down, they signed him because they needed a 3rd string PG, so if he continues to impress he can become a Jazz for the long term, he just in there to get his 8mpg to give Price & Williams there breathers

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