Sundiata Gaines

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Sundiata Gaines

just hit a game winning three after lebron led a huge comback. i'm a cavs fan but i'm still happy for Gaines for hitting the shot, he just earned a guarenteed contract.

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damn, i turned it with like

damn, i turned it with like 28 seconds left and cleavland had the ball and were up by 5. Then all the sudden I hear on sportscenter that utah won, crazy ending. Anyways, he showed good confidence and hit some shots and played D. But he made MoWilliams look like the defensive player of the year. Sundiata doesn't look to me like a guy who can play consistent minutes at pg if he can't beat guys off the dribble a little better.

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im glad for him a i hope that he gets a guaranteed contract

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that was shot was

that was shot was impressive...utah's facing a lot of injury problems though, thats why gaines is getting minutes

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the best part abot that shot

the best part abot that shot was everyone on the bench running out on the court. u look at their faces and everybody was in that moment. thats the kind of play that can bring a team even more together. It great to see the sperstars of that team happy for a guy who had to work hard to get a chance to play. Sondiata Gaines is going to have an NBA commercial, his shot is the epitomy of where amazing happens.

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Gaines shot was amazing and

Gaines shot was amazing and I hope he gets a full contract, but Korvers shot just before that was even more insane.

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