All-Star Slam Dunk-in

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All-Star Slam Dunk-in

Personally i don't really think this is a good idea as the competitors trying to qualify for the Slam-Dunk competition will have to use two good attempts before even making the real contest.

Secondly i was just wondering what you guys thought about the selections of Derozan and Gordon? Gordon is a bit of a surprise to me i thought Westbrook would have got another shot, but Derozan is all good with me.

(Would of been sweet to see that other young Clipper dunking.)

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Derozan should be

Derozan should be automatically in, he shouldnt have to compete for his spot

And I think Gordon will actually surprise, with the dunks he pulls off, but in the end...Derozan will come out on top

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dont be suprised if gordan

dont be suprised if gordan wins hit. he does have a higher vertical then derozen

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Eric Gordon strikes me as

Eric Gordon strikes me as more of a 3-point contest type than a dunk contest player. Derozan should win this..

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maybe gordon will use dunk

maybe gordon will use dunk over griffin to get some extra points

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