Top 25 Players Most Likely to Be Dealt

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Top 25 Players Most Likely to Be Dealt

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damn i had it but the site

damn i had it but the site recently blocked it... i can just name a few for ya

tayshaun prince
kenny thomas
eric dampier
andre miller
caron butler
kirk heinrich

really just says any players with expiring contracts are on there are likely... also contracts that could possibly be moved for expirings like hinrich so chicago could have even more money...

it wasnt that interesting... theres no name u probably havent heard on there that u havent already heard come up in a trade rumor

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Impact players most likely to be moved

(Ranked from most likely to least likely to be traded)

1. Antawn Jamison, F, Wizards
Jamison is at the top of this list for three reasons. First, the Wizards are a mess and seem to be moving rapidly toward a fire sale. Second, Jamison is in the latter stages of his career. Neither he nor the Wizards want him stuck on a terrible team. Third, a number of contenders want him, namely the Cavs. That's the perfect recipe for a big deadline trade.

2. Troy Murphy, F, Pacers
The Pacers look as though they're moving toward a youth movement as they continue to build around Danny Granger. With a number of contending teams interested in Murphy, the Pacers seem to be in the right place to make a deal. While Murphy may be overpaid, there are few bigs in the league that can rebound and spread the floor the way he can. With just one more year left on his contract, Murphy could be the missing piece for a team trying to compete for a title.

The Cavs seem to have the most interest, though several other teams have also told me they'll make a run at him. At the very least, the Pacers should be able to deal Murphy for expiring contracts and one asset (either a draft pick or a young prospect).

3. Tayshaun Prince, F, Pistons
Joe Dumars didn't expect the Pistons to be championship contenders this season. But he also didn't anticipate the team losing 13 games in a row. The fact that the Pistons drafted three small forwards in last year's draft and that two of them -- Jonas Jerebko and Austin Daye -- look very promising is all you need to know. The word on the street is that the Pistons are in very active trade discussions on Prince.

While the team would prefer to move Richard Hamilton, I don't think they're going to be able to find a home for him given his enormous contract. If the Pistons can swap Prince for some help in the paint, they've got to do it. The combination of Charlie Villanueva, Jason Maxiell, Ben Wallace and Kwame Brown just isn't getting it done.

4. Caron Butler, G/F, Wizards
If Jamison goes, Butler probably won't be far behind. He actually has a little more desirability than Jamison because his contract is shorter (just one year remaining) and he's younger. However, it's not clear that the Wizards are willing to just give away Butler, who is a good player in his prime. The Wizards have to build around someone, don't they?

5. Andre Miller, PG, Blazers
Miller may be a wily veteran, but he's struggled to adapt to Portland's culture and, more specifically, head coach Nate McMillan. Miller's addition was never seen as a slam dunk, but more of a desperation ploy by the Blazers, who felt compelled to use their cap space this past summer after being spurned by Hedo Turkoglu.

While the team's original stance was that they wanted to hold on to Miller, his recent run-in with McMillan has cleared the way for a possible trade. If the Blazers want expiring contracts in return, they can probably move him. If they demand a young player or a future first-round draft pick, probably not.

6. Jeff Foster, C, Pacers
The Pacers appear to be committed to developing Roy Hibbert and Tyler Hansbrough, leaving little room for Foster -- a mobile, high-energy big man who can defend 4s and 5s.

If you are a Western Conference team trying to stop Pau Gasol, Foster would be a great get. The Nuggets have shown considerable interest in Foster, but they aren't alone. The Blazers, Jazz, Spurs and Suns would all like to get him, too.

7. Kirk Hinrich, G, Bulls
The Bulls need to move Hinrich for an expiring contract in order to have a realistic shot at making a pitch to both LeBron James and Chris Bosh this summer. Can you imagine a team with LeBron, Bosh, Derrick Rose, Luol Deng and Joakim Noah? I guarantee you John Paxson can. If Bosh isn't traded before the deadline, you have to believe the Bulls have a good chance to get both.

However, trading Hinrich won't be easy. His productivity has really fallen the past two years, and he still has two years and $17 million left on his contract. Bill Simmons swears the Celtics will be interested. But that's a lot of money for a backup point guard.

8. Tyrus Thomas, F, Bulls
Thomas has a lot of talent but has been unable to put it all together. At times, he has been more of a distraction than an asset in Chicago. The challenge in trading Thomas is twofold. One, the Bulls don't want to wreck their cap space this summer, meaning what they'll likely want in return is an expiring contract and a draft pick. Two, whoever trades for him has to decide quickly whether he's worth keeping, given that he's heading toward restricted free agency this summer.

Those two factors complicate things pretty dramatically. But given that there's interest from both the Bulls and Thomas' camp in moving on, don't be surprised if a deal happens.

9. Marcus Camby, C, Clippers
Camby may be one of the hottest commodities on the list. Not only is he still a legitimate defensive force in the paint, but he also has an expiring contract. You get a player for the rest of the season and cap relief at the end. The biggest question isn't whether the Clippers could move Camby, it's whether the Clippers will move him. And as Marc Stein wrote this week, Blake Griffin's absence complicates the Clippers' calculations.

The team is positioned to have significant cap room this summer if they keep Camby and let his contract expire. Whatever offer they get for him will have to match or exceed what they believe they could get on the open market next season.

10. Carlos Boozer, F/C, Jazz
Boozer is in the same camp as Camby. He's a very productive big man in the last year of his deal. However, Boozer is infinitely harder to move than Camby. Why? Because the Jazz want something significant in return and because Boozer will want a huge contract as a free agent this summer.

A team trading for him is making a huge commitment. Not only are they giving away a prized asset (probably some combination of a young player or draft pick plus cap relief), but they are also committing to being held over the coals by Boozer and his agent, Rob Pelinka, this summer. That's why it's harder than you might think to move Boozer.

11. Jose Calderon, PG, Raptors
Calderon was considered a gem just a year ago, but he struggled out of the gate this season, and the Raptors have played much better without him. Now that he's back from injury, you can expect the Raptors to shop him around. They could really use some help at the 2-guard position. DeMar DeRozan is a nice prospect, but he's not ready yet.

There have been rumblings of a Calderon-Kevin Martin swap. The move would give the Raptors a lot of offensive firepower, but it would also cement their status as one of the worst defensive teams ever.

12. Al Jefferson, PF, Timberwolves
David Kahn has been pretty adamant that he's not shopping Jefferson, saying he wants to use the entire season to evaluate his players. But a number of GMs around the league are equally adamant that Jefferson's name has been brought up in discussions. Kahn doesn't sound like a guy who's convinced Kevin Love and Jefferson can play together in the frontcourt.

Kahn knows he wouldn't get a talent like Danny Granger in return, but if he could get an athletic center or a big-time shooter for Jefferson, he might decide to make a move.

13. Devin Harris, PG, Nets
Last year we were plugging Harris as an All-Star. This year? I have sources who say the Nets are no longer sold on Harris as a core piece on the team. If they can package him with an expiring contract or two and get a young All-Star in return, they might do it. If they knew they were getting John Wall, they'd surely do it.

But even if they have to settle for something else, it sounds as though Harris' lackluster performance this season has soured folks on him. There will be a lot of interest in Harris, but I'm not sure anyone will be willing to give up an All-Star for him.

14. Chris Bosh, PF, Raptors
Much to the chagrin of Raptors fans, I've been writing that Toronto needs to trade Bosh now while it can still get value for him. The closer we get to the trade deadline, the more real that possibility sounds.

Over the weekend, reports by ESPN's Marc Stein and the New York Post fingered the Rockets and Lakers as teams with heavy interest in Bosh. While neither team has made an official offer for Bosh, I expect both will by the deadline.

I'm not sure the Rockets can put together a compelling package, but the Lakers can. If L.A. offered Andrew Bynum, Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo would have to say yes, wouldn't he? Bynum is a legit center who is still only 22 years old. And most important, he is already locked into a long-term deal. If the Lakers are willing to offer Bynum (a big if), the Raptors won't get a better offer.

15. Amare Stoudemire, PF, Suns
Amare would have been at the top of this list in August. However, the Suns are back to playing Mike D'Antoni basketball, and the team is winning and having fun again. While I wouldn't call them contenders quite yet, they've been very competitive against the top teams in the West. That should effectively squelch all of the potential Stoudemire trade rumors we expected to hear.

The Suns are clearly trying to go for it all, and I doubt they'll disrupt the flow and swap Stoudemire out before giving him and Steve Nash one more chance to lead Phoenix to the Finals.

Expiring contracts

1. Zydrunas Ilgauskas, C, Cavs
Cleveland may be the most motivated team in the league to do a deal. Another playoff failure could devastate the Cavs' chances of keeping LeBron this summer. Ilgauskas is their biggest chip. He can wipe nearly $12 million from someone else's books. Also, the team that trades for him would most likely waive him, allowing Big Z to rejoin the Cavs.

2. Tracy McGrady, G, Rockets
McGrady may no longer be a superstar, but his contract is. A team trading for T-Mac can wipe $22 million off its books next year.

The key for the Rockets is to get back players worth paying and worth giving up this year's potential cap space for. For the most part, talks have been slow. Teams like expiring contracts but tend to shy away from giving All-Stars or top young prospects in return. Too bad Chris Wallace doesn't need to cut payroll this season.

3. Kenny Thomas, PF, Kings
The Kings are suddenly better than anyone expected. However, they would still love to cut long-term payroll. They've been using Thomas' $8.8 million expiring contract as bait. In other words, you can have it if you take Andres Nocioni, too.

4. Erick Dampier, C, Mavs
Dampier is another intriguing trade chip. He's having a good season, and the Mavs are right in the Western Conference hunt. So, Dallas could surely use him. However, the fact that his contract isn't guaranteed next season makes him a tremendous asset and gives Dallas one last shot at adding a younger veteran who could put it over the top.

5. Brendan Haywood, C, Wizards
6. Mike Miller, F, Wizards
7. Mike James, G, Wizards
With the Wizards in rebuilding mode, you can be sure that all three contracts are coveted. Together they're worth about $20 million of cap relief. They may have to give away Jamison and Butler, but with these expiring contracts, they could end up with some decent young players or future first-round picks in return.

8. Travis Outlaw, F, Blazers
9. Steve Blake, G, Blazers
Together these two players can get roughly $8 million off a team's books. If Kevin Pritchard decides to make a big move, both players could be key assets to making a deal happen.

10. Kwame Brown, C, Pistons
Brown has been a bust in Detroit, just as he was in Washington and L.A. The Pistons will try to package his expiring $4 million contract with either Tayshaun Prince or Rip Hamilton to continue to remake their roster.

Source: ESPN

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ESPN annoys me...they make a

ESPN annoys me...they make a big deal out of things people already know, each and every one of those names have been in trade rumors for months.....nothing surprising there

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ESPN needs to stop

ESPN needs to stop pretending the Raptors are trading Bosh

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ESPN just wants the big

ESPN just wants the big names to move, they want news. can't blame them, it is their job.

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