Happy Birthday!!!

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Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Aaron Brooks! Well it's in an hour on Houston Time, but whatever! haha.
Dude carried our team and played a total of 59 minutes!!! Crazy!
14-30 From the Field. 6-9 From Deep. 9-12 From the Line. 3 Boards, 5 Assists, 1 Steal, 1 TO, & a TOTAL OF 43 POINTS!!! Career High***
We got the W, good game before his B-day! 25 Years Old! Enjoy A.B.
This City Loves YOU!!!
btw, it was 3 overtimes after some CLUTCH shots by the T-Wolves.

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aaron brooks is playing

aaron brooks is playing lights out!! this guy would be the best PG if he were in the eastern conference...too bad he wont be an all-star

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Brooks is sick

Brooks is sick underrated....He should be considered one of the elite PGs in the NBA

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its my moms birthday

its my moms birthday too..

but yeah Aaron Brooks is AWESOME
I love him game, hes so underrated.

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