which college teams have the most weapons

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which college teams have the most weapons

personally i think it is texas bradley has shown he can give you 25

jordan hamilton-15-20

on a given night. i dont think any other team can boast that. the closest id say is kentucky

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Kansas is also pretty deep.

Kansas is also pretty deep.

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villanova should be in talks

Villanova should be in the discussion. This team is deep and even though they are 4th i havent heard many people talking about them. They may be one of the toughest teams in the country

Reynolds- can give you 20-30 pts any given night
Fisher-can also fill it up if he needs too
Stokes- can shoot the 3 real well, so also a threat to put up 20
King-Also can shoot Bombs and isnt just one dimensional.. The Duke transfer has surprised people so far
Wayns-The freshman has hit 20 a few times this year i believe
Redding-can give u 15 if need be
Yarou-The Freshman is just getting his feet wet not playing 1st semester, but he looked impressive on occasion against Louisville

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