The NBA potential of players from clemson

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The NBA potential of players from clemson

I grew up in clemson so i've always been a big fan. Lately, however I've been wondering if the way clemson plays and the way oliver purnell coaches hurts some of his players chances of being drafted. In the past maybe 5 years there have been a few players who I would consider to be players who could have been drafted. There havent really been any studs or lottery players but they've had a couple of solid 2nd round talents. I wonder if the all out style of play that purnell demands from his players hurts them because there is so much player rotation. None of his players play a lot of minutes because his philosophy is to run like hell till you're tired and then get subbed out. I could be completely wrong on this but could it hurt players chances in the draft. Trevor Booker is a monster and is being billed as a late 1st round early 2nd round player, but if you get the chance to see him play, you can see that he's an absolute monster and could be a good player in the league. Purnell has some other good players on that team and a couple of good freshman. I don't think any of the rest of the non freshman players are on NBA scouts lists (Andre Young, Tanner Smith, David Potter, Jerai Grant, and Demontez Stitt). Purnell's last recruiting class consisted of a McDonalds all american Milton Jennings a highly touted swingman Noel Johnson, and a raw but potential-laden Devin Booker (Trevor's younger brother). Watching all of their televised games throughout the season I've noticed that Johnson and Jennings do not get as much playing time as i think they should (13.1 mpg for Jennings, 15.2 mpg for Johnson). I think these two players have sky high ceilings and should get more playing time to help tap their potential. Now i definately dont think Purnell is a bad coach. He wins games and has built this program up over the past few years but i wonder if he's hurting his players chances of being in the NBA. What do you think?

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