Dhamp2: Michael Redd

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Dhamp2: Michael Redd

I know I'm late but I just wanted to give my thoughts on Michael Redd.......His career is over. Not trying to be funny, because it's never funny when someone gets hurt.......But it's over.

I have to give Redd a lot of credit. Going back to Ohio State, he wasn't given much of a chance to really succeed. Those who remember those Ohio State teams vividly knows that the team was widely considered Scoonie Penn's. It was a case similar to Michael Dickerson leading the Arizona Wildcats in scoring when Michael Bibby and Miles Simon recieved the recognition in the NCAA tournament. Or how John Wall is getting pub at Kentucky while many have forgotten Patrick Patterson.

Anway, Redd bounced back and was drafted with my favorite player at the time, Jason Hart (the precursor to Devendorf) both of Syracuse.

Redd had a heck of a NBA career, but only one player in the history of the NBA had come back from TWO ACL injuries and been successful.

Dhamp2....the greatest basketball mind in the world. Next to Hubie Brown anyway.

1. Wait and see, Willie Warren won't be drafted in the lottery.
2. There are roughly 250 NBA players, I picked Carmelo Anthony to lead the league in scoring. I could have chose any of the other 249 players, lol.
3. Matt Barnes is starting.
4. What the heck happened to Shawn Marion
5. Where are the people who said D-Howard isn't overated! How's that working out for you, lol.
6. Dhamp2 is the protagonist of this website...At least I bring excitment!

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has it been determined that

has it been determined that he wont return? thats your opinion but nothing is proven..we all thought antonio mcdyess and grant hill wouldnt return

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if blair can play with no

if blair can play with no acl's then i think redd can still do it. and antonio mcd "i think" had 2 mcl or acl injuries but he came back. prob wont be as quick or explosive but i think he can still be a deadly shooter

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