CDR or Alston?

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CDR or Alston?

I have to make a roster move in a H2H league with cumulative stats (not roto categories). Guard is my weakest position, where I have to start 2 guys. I have Nash as a lock, but then after that Andre Miller, Jonny Flynn, and right now Mike Conley. I want to drop Conley for either Alston or Chris Douglas-Roberts. Who should I go with?

Most important - which of the two guys will likely have the largest role on their team come fantasy playoff time?

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i wouldn't drop conley for

i wouldn't drop conley for either of those guys. But if I had to pick, I would take CDR over Alson. I'm not sure what type of minutes Alston will get in miami becasue I don't think he is much better then chalmers or arroyo.

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