we take another L and even though i didnt get to watch the game, i did catch some of the low lights. we go through this every year and even though i know its gonna happen i still get disappointed. bynum and kobe seemed to have played well and kobe actually shot well but i see he left the game with back spasms. i think he needs to sit out some games and heal that finger so it doesnt cause problems during the playoffs but of course knowing kobe unless he cant walk hes gonna continue to play

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Gonna real tough to win 70

Gonna be real tough to win 70 or 3 peat now.

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last night has no effect on

last night has no effect on a 3-peat. I know everyone likes to say i make excuses for the lakers, but the fact is kobe was hurt didn't take one shot in the second half and sat out the 4th quarter despite the lakers pulling to within 6 on numerous occasions before the spurs ended the game on a big run. Playing at san antonio with no gasol and only a partial kobe who twice left the game to go the locker doesn't make me think are title hopes just went down the drain.

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i still think

i still think boston is a better team then the lakers

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doubt if the three peat is

doubt if the three peat is in any danger because of this. the lakers do this every year. usually they are fully healthy when they do it which is a good sign since they are losing with out paul and wit kobe playing with a broken finger

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