largest wingspan in ncaa bball

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largest wingspan in ncaa bball

john riek has a 7-9 wingspan
majok,sanders and whiteside have a 7-6,5 wingspans
aldrich and j.jordan have 7-6 wingspans
alabi and d.cousins and onuaku 7-5,5 wingspans
gallon,udoh, varnado,henson, d.collins,oriakhi,benson and orton have 7-4 wingspans

of course the most reliable measurements are from the nba pre draft camp where we ll see if that numbers are correct.(just gothered them from around the web where these players were measured in various camps and other sources)and of course there are other players that may have larger wingspans but they are not high prospects especially some african ones who always come with very long hands

As for the nba the largest wingspan belongs to a.ajinca(bobcats) which is 7-9

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I am 95% positive Varnado has a 7'6" wingspan. Other than that you pretty much have all the same measurements I do.

A few of the top prospects wingspans I have recorded (also sketchy/uncertain).

John Wall - 6'9"
Derrick Favors - 7'4"
Wesley Johnson - 7'0"
Evan Turner - 6'11"
Eddie Davis - 7'2"
Cole Aldrich - 7'6"
Avery Bradley - 6'7"
Xavier Henry - 7'0"
Jarvis Varnado - 7'6"
Larry Sanders - 7'7"
Patrick Patterson - 7'2"
Donatas Motiejunas - 6'11"
Devin Ebanks - 6'9"
Al-Farouq Aminu - 7'4"
Gani Lawal - 7'0"
Demarcus Cousins - 7'6"
Jerome Jordan - 7'6"
Hassan Whiteside - 7'6"
John Henson - 7'4"

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donatas has some short arms for his body, heard he is a legit 7 footer and he has under 7 foot wingspan..

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i dont think anyone really

i dont think anyone really know. everyone ya'll ahev named are the good players/potential draft picks. im sure there are player sout there from low major schools who have guys with long wingspans

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John Riek

I hope that Riek can grow alot this year and play a lot more next year. The guy has amazing physical gifts. I hope he can make something out of it. I think he can probably wrap his fingers aroundt he rim flat footed or on his toes

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Amare Skills Camp roster

Amare Skills Camp roster

Cole Aldrich 7' 6" wingspan
Jeff Allen 7' 2"
Keith Benson 7' 4"
Denis Clemente 5' 11 1/2"
Dwayne Collins 7' 4 1/2"
Yancy Gates 7' 3"
JaJuan Johnson 7' 2"
Jerome Jordan 7' 6"
Jeremy Lin 6' 3"
Greg Monroe 7' 4"
Jerome Randle 5' 8"
Larry Sanders 7' 6 1/2"
Tony Woods 7' 4 1/2"

Amare Skills Camp roster

LeBron James Skills Academy

LeBron James Skills Academy 2008 HS roster

It isn't completely wasteful information, but for guys like John Riek it really doesn't matter that he can dunk flat-footed if he can't play. Same for Tony Woods. For a guy who is 6' 7" like Dwayne Collins, it certainly would give one the impression that he really won't be giving up length to other power forwards in the NBA.

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