Saw Larry Sanders tonight

Just got home from seeing VCU @ Hofstra today. Larry Sanders by the box score had an amazing game 31 points, 5 rebounds, and 3 blocks. Though, stats can be very misleading. He got a lot of his points around the basket against a Hofstra team that is guard heavy. Though, he is incredibly thin, and also he can't box out for his life. Also, he is very easy to drive on and from watching the game he had 1 block, maybe 2, but not 3. If he is selected in the first round he is a 3-5 year project. He has some great physical gifts, but by no means is he anywhere near NBA ready.

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very good report, i gave u a

very good report, i gave u a point because i agree...i dont know why teams would choose a guy like him or john henson over a proven big like patrick patterson or craig brackins

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Thanks. I am a big CAA fan,

Thanks. I am a big CAA fan, and vouch for players in the conference. Though when it comes to Sanders he has to stay his senior year, but you don't pass up getting drafted 1st round after junior year in a mid-major conference. Guys like Psycho T can do that b/c they play in the ACC and will get drafted high no matter what barring injury. I don't think Sanders will be a bust in the NBA, but won't be worth a first round pick because the team that picks him he may no longer be on and the GM that takes him may no longer be the GM on that team, so by saying that he is not worth selecting for most teams and should stay another year.

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