Greivis Vasquez vs wake forest

he started out slowe like every year it seems like, but after the first couple of games he has picked it up. and we all know he really steps up as the acc season goes on. his teammates are finally stepping up a lil and catching his passes and some are even scoring when they get it but its still the vasquez show. he still has to shoot alot in order for them to win but as long s they win i dont care...right now hes putting up 18 and 6ast 5reb a game. they beat number 19 florida st and so far has 27 and 7ast oing into over time with wake forest.

aminu is looking very good in this game as well with 21pts 11reb 3 blks. hes putting up 17 and 11 for the season

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I like Wake's PG Ish

I like Wake's PG Ish Smith...I met him at a camp over the summer. Cool guy and he's one of the fastest players I've ever seen, and he's got sick handles and passes. Just can't really shoot.

I've always really liked Vazquez. He's a big, flashy PG and he's a competitor. I like the stats he's putting up this year. Good all-around player. Probably should've declared last year though...

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I am big fan of Aminu, and I think he would fit well in Golden State at the 3 spot. Also, Vasquez I like his cockiness a lot because he believes in himself and it's rare in a lot of guys. I think whatever team gets him is going to get a quality player off the bench who can start every so often.

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i agree about both players.

i agree about both players. and i think some fans are sleeping on aminu. nba guys arent but alot of the fans are

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