Jawad Williams

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Jawad Williams

An ACC guy I always really liked as a prospect, but was humble enough to be a great role player on a loaded 2005 Tar Heels team. Stepping up as of late for the Cav's with Jamario Moon out.

I haven't seen his games. Any Cav's fans that could tell me what fans think of him, and if he figures to become a contributor for the playoffs?

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Not a Cavs fan but saw the game against Portland. I think he did a pretty good job defensively, as his length allowed him to effectively guard Webster, and Roy. He also did a nice job spotting up. However he isn't too good off the dribble, and He is a much weaker rebounder than Moon, even at 6'9

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turral are you kidding me, i honestly don't see you being a legit NBA fan by your last statement...jawad played pretty well against portland he was knockin down open shots, hes not overly athletic but has a very sweet jumper...i think he can give you a solid 14-20 mins a night averaging 5 ppg, 3 rpg and stretching the court

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yea jawad williams can help

yea jawad williams can help guard pierce and lewis and carter in the playoffs

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he's got

He's got long arms with an improving range... He should've been a second-round pick by all means... He has been working to stay in shape and remain in an NBA roster... It's good to see him getting minutes...

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