pietro aradori the new belinelli

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pietro aradori the new belinelli

hi i want to speak about this italian prospect who imo he will be a new effort player for nba like marco belinelli. pietro aradori is a sg but he cam make all the roles of baclcourt he has a good size for a 194cm for 95kg he is 21 years old and he is a impressive player he is great to create and score with penetration
18ppg in 28 min with 47percent for three and 56 for 2 after he is a position rebounder he catch 5rebforgame and incredible good in fastbreak he is speed and quick to penetrate and pass the ball to teamates 3 asspg he is stong good intangibles, versatily weakness are the vision , strengh and leadership - i dont know because he isnot in this mock draft in second round
there is alex shevd who is bad than aradori why answer to my question and comments about this guy

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