Pacers vs Raptors... Chris Bosh, Danny Granger and Troy Murphy news.

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Pacers vs Raptors... Chris Bosh, Danny Granger and Troy Murphy news.

I was at the game. Bosh, Granger and Murphy have been in a few threads, so I thought I'd share some insight on what I saw today.

First... Great come from behind victory by the Pacers lol. We trailed by 23 in the 1st half. We ended up winning by four. Hansbrough returned from injury tonight and played a solid game. AJ Price is looking like a quality backup point guard. He outplayed both Jarett Jack and Jose Calderon in my opinion.

Chris Bosh

- I was anxious to see him tonight after all the trade talk on here. This guy has some serious offensive skills. He can shoot the mid-range jumper, put the ball on the floor or play with his back to the basket. He has great hands. He's a good, not great athlete though. Earl Watson actually blocked one of his dunk attempts in the 4th quarter lol. He's still not very strong either... We played Granger at power forward a lot tonight and he was able to push Bosh around. He held his own against Bosh. Bosh isn't a very physical player.

Defensively... I wouldn't say he's a poor defender... He's about average. He's definitely not someone who can protect the paint. He impressed me with his foot speed and lateral quickness though. He defended Granger on the perimeter pretty well.

I don't think the Lakers would have chemistry issues if they traded for him. He's very unselfish and looks like a great teammate. I don't think the Lakers should trade for him though... His game and the way he plays is somewhat similar to Pau Gasol's. That finesse game. I think they'd miss Bynum's size and defensive presence in the paint.

Danny Granger

- A lot of people were on here saying they'd have traded him for Jefferson and that Granger isn't going to take the Pacers anywhere. That's untrue. Granger is super talented and tough. He can play the two, three or four. He's a versatile defender and competes hard. He can shoot the lights out and has improved at putting the ball on the floor. He plays with a lot of energy and has leadership qualities. We just need to surround him with better talent. Right now he'd be a 2nd option on a championship team, but I think in time... He could be a legit number one option.

Troy Murphy - He did his usual tonight. Hit a bunch of three's from the top of the key and got a bunch of defensive rebounds. As I said in another thread, he's a poor offensive rebounder. He had zero. He's not somebody who plays with energy and gets you extra possessions.

He fell asleep on defense a lot tonight and that's really a poor area in his game. He's not comfortable playing with his back to the basket, but he can definitely face you up and put the ball on the floor. His mid-range game is okay. He usually shoots the three or takes it all the way to the basket.

He'd definitely fit in with LeBron and Cleveland, but I do think Jamison would be the better fit.

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Murphy's true value is that

Murphy's true value is that he can play defend most centers, if you have another big who can keep his guy out of the lane along with him you could get a bunch of easy layups.

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very true guy above me.. but

very true guy above me.. but he can also spread the floor very well leaving room for granger to isolate giving them another outside scoring threat... i dont think the pacers should trade him... or granger... they just need a gaurd that is actually good... tj ford dunleavy and dahntay jones arent enough....

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Just happy that the Pacers

Just happy that the Pacers came away with the W, hopefully Granger can build on this outing and get back to his old ways.

I honestly believe that if Granger wants to be an undisputed number option in the NBA he just needs to get to the free throw line a bit more.

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