Who should they draft and trade

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Who should they draft and trade

as it is known well the pistons are on a 12 game losing streak and looks like its going to be 13 knowing the pistons have people to trade and will have top 8 pick most likely who should they draft and who should they trade to get them back in the playoffs cause they definitely have the talent to do it?

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They are a team that needs a

They are a team that needs a legit Big man, and this draft is perfect for them. Aldrich, Cousins, Favors, Ed Davis, and more. They have a lot of options. I think that they shouldn't trade anyone yet, and wait for everyone to be healthy. This team was thought of being a playoff team when they signed Gordon and Charlie V. I think next year with those guys, plus one of the big men would make them contenders in the East.

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Cole aldrich would be a good

Cole aldrich would be a good pick but they are doomed for at best mediocrity for the next 5 years with BG and Villanueva

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Either Aldrich or

Either Aldrich or Cousins....Probably Aldrich though. Cousins is too similar to Villanueva in terms of weaknesses..

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The Pistons need to

The Pistons need to deal

Richard Hamilton
TyShaun Prince
Charlie V


move up and try to draft Cousins

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This team is not going

This team is not going anywhere in the playoffs, they can't be a contender in the east. They have too many of those players in there starting lineup that are perfect off the bench. I think they have many holes to fill. Stuckey is not a true point guard... For those who think he is he's not hes a combo guard for life just like ben gordon. Villanueva shouldn't be in a starting lineup of a contender hes a great option off the bench. This team is going to be mediocre for a while because they lack a true point and especially a low post presence. I think they should draft a big in this draft but they can't be a true contender in the east until they realize that stuckey can't be a true point with his shoot first mentality and his low assist to turnover ratio.

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Houston gets Bosh, Gordon, Prince, Maxiel
Detroit gets T-mac, Budinger, Battier
Toronto gets Landry, Scola, Rip, Daye


Bynum - Stuckey - T-mac - C-vill - Wilcox
Atkins - Budinger - Battier - Jerebko - Wallace

1st round Davis, Monroe, Aldrich, or Cousins to play center
2nd round draft a point guard Scottie Reynolds or Kalin Lucas
sign rudy gay

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a good trade but i think take daye out of trade and budinger switch landry and battier and give toronto 2 2nd rd picks, they should not draft cousins unless he really steps up or davis unless he gets taller agree with kalin lucas or they should trade up and get collins rudy gay is a good pick up but i dont think he leaves memphis
next years possible starting lineup
bynum or collins/lucas stuckey gay charlie v aldrich or monroe
whoever doesnt get start gordon jerebko landry wilcox daye

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I would try to trade prince

I would try to trade prince and rip for good picks but that isn't likely so trade them for young guys and take a big man. I'm not high on him but Cole Aldrich would be a logical pick.

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If they are able to move rip

If they are able to move rip and tayshaun for expiring contracts they'd have room for a max contract player. Do you guys think it would be possible for Lebron to sign with them? A lineup of a Stuckey, Gordan, CV, and Aldrich(probably) is probably the best he would be able to find...

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