Stock Piling talent doesnt always mean success

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Stock Piling talent doesnt always mean success

Recently there's been RUMORS of the Raptors talking to the Lakers about sending Bosh to the Lakers for Bynum..It'll be a great move for the Raptors becuz i didnt see Bosh resigning with them...They should move him before the trading deadline and get something in return...Bynum has worked so hard and he's finally reached the level of AllStar...Some say if Bosh is traded to Tinseltown you can hand them the Crown now..But stockpiling talent doesnt means automatic wins ..The 2004 Lakers had 4 future Hall of Famers but still lost the the Pistons because the Pistons had better team chemistry..

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Karl Malone and Gary Payton

Karl Malone and Gary Payton were both at the end of there respective careers, Chris Bosh has just started his prime. Totally different instances.

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Not all change is good

Not all change is good change. Why try to fix something that isn't broken?

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They had Karl Malone & Gary

They had Karl Malone & Gary Payton......Both which where retiring and where not as great as they use 2 be. Chris bosh is 25 and not at his prime . He can Bang and can shoot that jumper . This will lead the lakers to multiple titles.

But i don't know how he and gasol " Twins" you can say at the forward position, both play the exact same , so im guessing one of them is not going 2 be touching the ball as much....but who ?

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I agree with tezo

that's the first thing I thought when I heard about this....they're the favorites to win ANYWAY....but man....bosh/kobe/artest/gasol in the starting lineup? odom off the bench? it's kinda tempting....

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i would love to keep bosh or

i would love to keep bosh or bynum... it does kinda baffle me why we would look at this trade when we are already good. but like nick said its damn tempting. im pretty sure the celtics would look at trading wallace for bosh. and if you have a good coah like phil,red then why not. hell the bulls did it by getting rodman and brian williams when they really didnt need them to win.

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this could be just me but

this could be just me but lets say u are aaron brooks, chris paul, deron williams, or tony parker. u know u can get by derek fisher, so who would u rather see trying to block your shot gasol/bosh or gasol/bynum? id rather have gasol and bosh try, bynum is difference maker defensively with his long and wide and strong frame. im with some of u guys, why try to fix something that aint broke?

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