Jawad Williams

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Jawad Williams

I recently found out that Jawad Williams has been getting some minutes with the Cavs lately... He has been a solid contributor for the team in the past 3 games... It's great to see him do things like these... Well, he went undrafted in 2005 despite him being one of the big veterans on a Tar Heel championship team with Marvin, Sean, Ray and Rashad... Though he was dub as soft that's why he wasn't drafted, I felt that he could've gone in the late second round... I just want to post this because I'm just shocked to see Jawad Williams getting PT... He just recently scored 10 points including a clutch 3 that gave the Cavs a lot of breathing room from a rallying Blazers...

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I think he's really 6'7 not

I think he's really 6'7 not 6'9 as he was listed while he was at North Carolina...Watching the game last nite he really looked shorter than Lebron who's 6'8...But he has improved his jumper and he's scrappy..1 of the reasons the Cavs signed him for the rest of the season is they want athletic forwards that can contain Pierce & Lewis when the playoffs arrive......

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The problem with him in 2005

The problem with him in 2005 was that he was a tweener and a bit undersized.

Though he's found a good niche now.

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he was the glue guy for that

he was the glue guy for that 05 tar heels team, him and jackie manuel were perfect role players since they had so many scorers. Jawad would rebound and manuel/noel would lock up Redick.

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