Robin Lopez

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Robin Lopez

Do you think this guy is gonna have a chance with the Suns, or do you think he should be traded? I like his energy and his defensive abilities. I watched the outdoors pre-season game his rookie year and he had 7 blocks! I mean that's pretty rediculous for a rookie imo. Anyways you think that he's gonna have a chance or might he get traded to someone who needs him, like Portland or something like that?

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they gotta keep him..he

they gotta keep him..he plays good post defense

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Robin Lopez

I havent watched as many suns games this year as last year, it seemed like Lou Amundson was a much better Shot blocker/ energy guy.

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Robin Lopez

I think he should play more like Brook

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Robin Lopez

Useless, so is varejo....but he is tall and can run up and down the floor good enough

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hes a 7ft that runs the

hes a 7ft that runs the floor well. hes definitely a keeper for the suns

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I like Robin Lopez and see

I like Robin Lopez and see him developing into a solid
Center. Unlike his brother he needs more time to get his offense in gear.

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I don't know if he'll ever

I don't know if he'll ever pan out to be as good as Joakim Noah, I personally don't think so, but I think he still bring the same things to the Suns, rebounding , energy, and shot blocking.

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yeah Joakim is more fluid at

yeah Joakim is more fluid at 6'11, used to play the perimeter as a kid as well

Robin is a legit 7'0, traditional/throwback banger;
he might need to work on his catch and shoot game i dont know

the NBA is moving away from the center position and a twin towers model is needed to contend with Lakers

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I like him alot, hes never

I like him alot, hes never going to do what his brother did in his rookie season, but hes a good defender, rebounder, and brings lots of energy....he can eventually develop into a solid starting center in the NBA...

Offense is his weak point, but i think it will come in time

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I think he could be a

I think he could be a starter in the future, but he's much much more suited to be a backup center. He's never going to be more than a 5th option. He's gotta lot of hustle player potential, but if you want to be a truly good team, he comes off the bench and is a change of pace for a offensive minded big man...

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