Mike Brown is one of the worst coaches in the league

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Mike Brown is one of the worst coaches in the league

I know he has a COY award, but he probably gave it to LeBron since he was the one that won it for him. From what I hear LBJ has an amazingly high basketball IQ. There is only one reason any team should fear Kobe over James and that is the Lakers have an offensive game plan.
The King would average a triple double if he had one guy on his team that could hit shots consistently. I admit the Cavs roster is not exceptionally talented. I feel that is why they need a COACH. The game plan cannot be give James the ball and everyone run around like it's recess. We played like that in 3rd grade when one guy was better than everyone else.
You have a man that is 6'8" 250 lbs with speed never seen before by anyone his size. He is the most talented player EVER. MJ was a better player, but there are things LBJ can do that MJ just simply couldn't. This isn't an MJ/LBJ debate, MJ is the best ever, because he was more competitve and had more heart than anyone, so he consistently maximized his abilities every game. I watch the Cavs and LBJ disappears at times, and as great as his numbers are, I almost always feel like he could have done more. And I don't even like him or the Cavs!!
I'm getting off topic, but I'm a little pissed right now. LBJ could have scored 60 tonight. EASY. There is nobody in the NBA that can guard him.
Back to Brown, the Cavs give up a lot of leads, they give up momentum pretty often. The NBA is a game of runs, but when you have LBJ nobody should ever get a run of 14-2 or more on you. What happens is the bums on this team take the most ridiculous shots, maybe because they see James make them. When the Blazers came back they went on a run in which LeBron made a layup and missed a jumper. Other than that I saw 10 missed shots by off-balanced Mo Williams, Verejao, Ziggy, West, J. Williams. I saw 2 or 3 airballs and James never touched the ball!!!
Now Webster and the Blazers were trying to keep the ball out of James hands by trying to deny him the ball, and while Webster was playing solid D, he CANNOT guard James. If you're the coach you take a timeout and LBJ starts to bring the ball up, you need to stop the bleeding, so James takes over since Mo Williams is NOT a good PG. Then they can double James, most teams LOVE double teams, because they plan for them. If you have the best player in the NBA why is it whenever he gets double teamed they play like they don't know what to do?
Brown never makes adjustments either. They give up a lot of leads by letting teams do whatever they do best. Roy is a superstar in most people's opinions, so why not play him like it? He's going to score but I saw him taking open jumpers and 3's. Ridiculous. When an opposing team has a strength you try to keep them from using it too much, and when they have a weakness you are supposed to take advantage of it. Blazers weakness: No big men. Strength: Roy. Sooooooo why did they stop giving the ball to lebron and giving him room to run? Why didn't they ever go to Shaq? He's not what he was but Juwan Howard was "guarding" him. Seriously.
Why does Z get to do anything but take the short 3 in the corner? Why when you need to score are West and Williams allowed to take horrible shots? Why doesn't Parker get the ball a little more? Why doesn't the team know how to adjust to double teams? Why is there never a gameplan? Why isn't Shaq used on occassion? Why are so many players not used properly? Why doesn't James bring the ball up more if they are trying to deny him the ball? How does your "PG" NOT know how to get the ball to James even if they are trying to deny him the ball? Why does James points vary from half to half so drastically? If someone is on fire why aren't they being given the ball almost every time, especially when their name is LeBron.
This is not a stacked roster but nobody is reaching their potential including James. As good as he is, he could be putting up better numbers than he is. He has the potential to be better than Jordan. That may be something people don't want to hear, but he could be the single greatest athlete ever.
I know that was a long rant, and I know the Cavs won, but they could have lost that game after losing to the Nuggets. This game reminded me of the Cavs against the Kings that went into OT. They were very close to losing that game and James scored 27 or something in the first half and around 8 the second.
The NBA is one of the only sports in which the best players usually win championships. Not always of course, but a superstar in the NBA can have a much larger effect than a superstar in MLB or NFL.
My guess is with another coach James would have a ring by now and there would be no Kobe/LBJ debate.

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i cant agree more jus the

i cant agree more jus the other day when i was watching cavs vs nuggets they took some timeouts late in the 4th and their assistant coach was drawing up the plays. i remember last year some time Lebron said that Sasha pavolic needed more playing time sure enough the next game he started and played more... these are just some examples of his lack of coaching

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I've always thought he was a

I've always thought he was a mediocre to below average coach. He doesn't run very good offensive plays (watch how they operate in the playoffs every's LeBron on 5 every possession)...He is a defensive minded coach, but on that is better off as an assistant in my eyes...

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so who would be a better

so who would be a better coach for them?

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Avery Johnson. Jeff Van

Avery Johnson. Jeff Van Gundy. Mark Jackson....

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I said the Cavs needed to

I said the Cavs needed to relieve Brown...After he was out coached by Van Gundy out of all people, during the playoffs last season..This season it seems Lebron is trying to create plays on the fly..He hasnt figured out whut to do with Shaq...They dont seem to have any set plays...Its like give the ball to Lebron he'll save us..But if the Cavs fail to get out of the east .I think Brown is gone...

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MIke Brown is a terrible

MIke Brown is a terrible offensive coach and not even that great of a defensive coach but hey he has Lebron and that has helped him keep his job this long but when Lebron leaves then Brown will be fired

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Van Gundy coaches at least.

Van Gundy coaches at least. He has a plan of attack and they sort of overachieved last year. He takes advantage of his players skills much better than Brown. I think Brown could be replaced by any of the guys mentioned plus some other guys like Reggie Theus and a few other assitants.
Speaking of coaching, anyon think Barkley would make a good assistant and future head coach? I know he wants to be a GM, but he has high bball IQ and overachieved. He was small for his position and made due because he knows basketball...
There is no way James stays in Cleveland and Brown will be out by the end of next season. Did you see LeBron's face in the 4th when he passed to Varejao under the hoop and he attempted a reverse layup, and missed? He was fouled but it was his 5th missed layup of the game.
Kevin Martin would be the perfect LeBron sidekick. I know there are a lot sexier names out there but those two would play very well together.
Also The Cavs D isn't that good, they don't have a lot of solid on the ball defenders. They run a zone a lot of the time so 'Bron isn't matched up against the Roy's or Bryants all that often. He's one of the best help defenders in the league. Mo Williams is horrible on D, he's like Jason Williams, Bibby, Nash on D...

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HOw is Avery Johnson not

HOw is Avery Johnson not coaching....I would take him over 90 percent coaches in NBA....Mark Jackson is going to be an amazing NBA coach also and Van Gundy

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I agree

I agree that he is one of the worst he is the product of lebron james he has no imagination on offense give the ball to james and let him run the show. Lebron is the real coach of this team I remember when he came in the league Paul Silas was his coach a no nonsense type of coach and lebron got him fired because he wouldnt let him do what he wanted. I also agree that Avery Johnsonshould have a job in this league I can name several coaches that he is better than including Mike Brown

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I have to go with Avery

I have to go with Avery Johnson. He has been to an NBA Finals, coaches with a lot of heart, and knows how to win. Coach Brown wins because he has LeBron, not because he game plans for his team to win games.

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