The last one i posted didnt work so here it is again:

I came up with trade thinking it could possibily help all 3 teams involved but i dont know..let me know what you guys think.

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only had the edit your other

only had the edit your other post but oh well. why on earth would the raptors take back two god awful contracts from the knicks. sure they get gallinari, but no way man. houston gets amazing talent for tmacs expiring. knicks get their cap wish but i highly doubt they let anybody pry gallinari off them. D+ trade

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Toronto would need to get a 1st rounder

And maybe some future picks but overall not too bad

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not a good trade, new york

not a good trade, new york gets rid of a rising star and in exchange takes on one of the most difficult to coach players in the NBA...houston gets chris bosh for free...C- trade

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I think you're wayyy undervaluing Bosh. Toronto gets:

1) an expiring contract who'll never play a game in Curry
2) a Bad contract in Jeffries at 6 million per year for another year who's unlikely to come off the bench for more than 5 minutes a game, if at all
3) A glorified spot up shooter who has decent potential, I honestly think he has less potential than DeRozan. Toronto isn't even in the market for a guy who's 99% offence. They already have Bargnani, Belinelli, Turkoglu, and Calderon.

All in all, not going to happen, ever. Toronto 's giving up a top 10 player in the league for someone who has a slim shot at becoming even a top 20 (all around) player and bad contracts.

Doesn't work for Knicks as they're giving up Nate AND Gallo for a player who's on the decline, and is currently less impactful than Nate. Doesn't add up here.

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-3 ouch


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I dont think that the knicks would want to give up Gallinari to pick up Mcgrady since he has been dealing with injurys and Gallinari is young. Also Toronto wouldnt give up bosh to only get Gallinari back and another 2 players that wount do anything for them.

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Toronto isn't even in the market for a guy who's 99% offence.

Gallo is a pretty good defender, doc.

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If the Knicks could move a

If the Knicks could move a contract if it means attaching Gallinari, they'd have to do it, but I don't think teams are that high on him. Certainly not enough to give up their BEST PLAYER AND absorb $18 million in bad contracts for next year.

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Ummm.... No.



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