Game on mute

I have been forced to watch the current ESPN game (cleveland vs. portland) on guys may ask what did you do? are you in trouble?

to answer your questions, i am watching the game on mute because one of the commentators is doris burke-a woman

not only did i scream and swear numerous times when i turned on the tv to hear a *****'s voice but i was actually considering e-mailing ESPN asking them to please, please do not let a woman call a basketball game...having female refs is bad enough...i literally have never been so mad in my life

she sounds like a fricken lesbian absolutely fuming right now

does anyone else agree that she needs to either have her neck rung or get fired?

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Straight out a guys mouth

Straight out a guys mouth who gets nooo assss

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Wow. Before reading this, I

Wow. Before reading this, I had thought the general public was getting past the race/sex barrier as far as having jobs. This is ridiculous man. She is no worse than Reggie Miller. Get real. Since when was commentating a job that only men could do? Let me ask you this: Would you listen to your doctor if it was a woman? Would you still eat your hamburger if it was prepared by a woman? Would you get a massage if it was a female masseuse? Im gonna say that you would answer yes to all of those questions. You need to quit fussing about it. If a woman can defend you and your country, away from her friends and family, over seas in a war zone, then a woman can commentate a basketball game.

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calm down you sexist &$#%#&@!

calm down you sexist &$#%#&@!

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a woman can do anything a

a woman can do anything a man can do ASIDE from call a basketball guys sound like women's rights activists

basketball guru-you dont know me so dont assume anything

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She needed to get off

She needed to get off Lebron's nuts.

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Wow man. Do you and your

Wow man. Do you and your mother have problems? This is the most sexist post I have ever seen.

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