Clippers looking great vs the Heat

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Clippers looking great vs the Heat

Baron Davis looks like the Golden State version right now, maybe better. He's getting past everybody they put in front of him and he's making the right play. He and Kaman are really starting to develop chemistry. BD has 9 points and 13 assists at the end of the 3rd.

Kaman is giving JO the business... Left hook, right hook, jab step and shoot, pump fake and drive, spin, dunks... He's an All-Star. He has 22, 13 and 2 at the end of the 3rd.

Eric Gordon is playing Wade very tough. He's not giving him anything easy. Wade hasn't had a great game, but I'm sure he'll do his thing in the 4th.

Clippers up 79 to 60.

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Are a tough out beating Boston and LA recently. When Blake comes back these boys could be a nightmare 1st round match up. No one wants to see these boys in the playoffs. Last season I stuck by E Gordon being a underrated defender. I seen him give Kobe fits a few times.

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Really good win!

they need to show they can carry this over onto there road trip...Lets see if they can make a legitimite shot at the playoffs

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