What do you think of this?

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What do you think of this?

If the Kings get back Kevin Martin and decide that he is not working well with Tyreke and the rest of the team, and if the Wolves and Hornets both stay with their current mindset about trades and cap relief do you think that this trade is possible? How would you rate it on a scale of 1 to 10 and why?

In my opinion it would be good for all teams involved. It would give the Kings a very good Center and low post presence. It would help solve the Wolves problems of both needing a go to scorer and a good SG as well as help solve the problems between Kevin Love and Jefferson. It also would bring the hornets back under luxury tax next season without really sacrificing much at all.

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I would rate this trade an

I would rate this trade an 8.  Only reason it isn't perfect is because the TWolves probably could get a little more value for Al Jefferson.  Without Big Al that leaves Love, Hollins, Perherov & Armstrong in the post. That frontcourt is pretty weak overall.  

If the Kings & or Hornets would be willing to send the TWolves a future 1st round pick then I think the trade would be very solid.

Hornets don't have to give up anything really important & they get to save a lot of cash in the process. Sounds like a good deal for New Orleans.

The Kings finally get a big time post player in Al. I never liked the idea of Thompson & Hawes starting beside each other in the post. A frontcourt of that duo is never going to be super successful IMO. 

Overall nice trade idea. 

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Trade makes some sense but I

Trade makes some sense but I don't see the need for New Orleans to get involved. Jefferson for Martin works for the Kings and Wolves, and their salaries are close enough that a third team won't need to be involved. For example if Minnesota added Damien Wilkins and the Kings threw in Kenny Thomas, the salaries work and the trade is basically Martin for Jefferson with a little extra garbage added.

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Kings and Wolves can

Kings and Wolves can make a trade happen w/o NO. (your right Mark) NO would love to get involved in some way if they can save money which reportedly the owner is losing a lot for a team that is a fringe playoff team. And Gator your right too. It would leave Minny weak in the frontcourt and they can probably get a little more than just KMart. What if they did this trade: Plus the Wolves add the 1st round pick they get from Charlotte (make it lottery protected in case) and send it to the Kings to make it more appealing for them.

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