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Would a Chris Paul/Willie

Would a Chris Paul/Willie Warren backcourt be effective?  I don't know, but it would be fun to watch.

 The TWolves could really use Evan Turner.  Excellent pick.

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I still cant fatho, why people sahs donatas to GSW

WE NEED A SMALL FORWARD ALOT AND (im done yelling) our"style of play" probably wont be there next year

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Larry Bird is always a wild

Larry Bird is always a wild card in the draft, because (and you can check his history with Indiana) he does not like international players and prefers well schooled (usually 4-years at well known schools) guys. They often talk about the Pacers with white guys, but they are one of two (I know Boston there might be another) team with only U.S. players on its roster. I'm not saying he won't go with a one and done kid (certainly nobody is passing on Wall), but I could see him favoring a Wes Johnson, Patrick Patterson, or Cole Aldrich because they aren't going to have to be taught how to play at the detriment of possible long-term upside.

Aminu has a shaky shot and can't dribble. Luol Deng can't dribble but can shoot. Not to say he is better or worse than you think, but his style is more like Thaddeus Young.

It isn't fair to Motiejunas to be compared to Dirk. It is more likely he will be in the Ilyasova or Channing Frye mold.

I wouldn't write anything about Devin Ebanks being a spot up shooter.

Wes Johnson is not a poor man's Melo. The only similarity is the college. Melo is not only one of the best shot creators in the league, but a great bruiser who uses his bulk to get the whistle, stay in balance, and go to the line. Wes Johnson is what 200 lbs. He'll never be able to do what makes Melo special. Also, Melo was going for 26.5 per in the NBA when he was Wes Johnson's age.

Even with Boozer headed out of Utah, power forward is not a concern. Milsapp is legit. Kirilenko could, and probably should, slide over his natural 4 to give them more of a shot blocker on the interior. Plus, Ante Tomic (who has been having a very good year in Europe) will likely join them as his contract with KK Zagreb will be up. They need a wing. I think Lance Stephenson is a good possibility. Avery Bradley might be able to make it work with Deron Williams. I wouldn't dismiss Klay Thompson jumping up draft boards either.

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Really, you have the Raptors

Really, you have the Raptors missing the playoffs?

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