elijah MILLSAP update

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elijah MILLSAP update

alot of people talk about elliot williams and his draft potential but this guy needs to be talked as much or even int eh same breath. his team is 13-2 1-0 in coference and hes the main reason. hes putting up 17 and 10 his 3point shooting isnt great but is better then peopel think because he doesnt shoot many because he likes the mid range and slashing game. hes a great rebounder from the sg position or sf position ( he plays both) matter of fact hes the best rebounding guard in the country which shouldnt be suprising considering his brother lead college in rebounding for 3 seasons.

on a side note dj wright is still showing hes the best player in juco basketball and has every major college ( that goes after juco players) coming at him hard. hes averaging 19pts 9reb and 2 blks as a 6'7 and a half sf. not as good as melo but has a melo game. goes hard will bang on you. very very good jumper. coah patino has been on him hard since late last year. one of the few freshmen in his to lead his team to the njcc title get 1st team all american and mvp

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