Best prospect in the NCAA's

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Best prospect in the NCAA's

I have finally run through my DVR, purged my palette of the B(c)S, and have taken some time to make my first formal evaluation of the season. For the sake of debate I am asking posters to rate the following. Best Freshman, Best Draft Prospect, Best Player. I want to keep this logical, but I know there is a place for emotion in the equation as well, that said lets try and rank our favorites top 5 each category. For this post note the title...Prospect in the NCAA' we are not considering foreign additions to the talent pool as the vast majority have not had the opportunity to see them in a game setting against comparative talent.


1 Wall -PG UK (One game 16 ast, another GW shot, and how many PG's can catch a 2 handed oop backwards?)
2 Henry -G KU (Top scorer on the #1 team, Mature Game)
3 DeMarcus Cousins -PF UK (His Per Minute Stats are Outstanding, if he matures mentally sky is the limit)
4 Derrick Favors -PF GT (Just behind Cousins imo, more mature, if he dominates ACC could move into top 2)
5 Reggie Moore -PG WSU (I know the Pac 10 is down this year, if WSU is tourney bound he will be a factor)


1 Wall. He is really good already, and I just wonder what happens when the NBA refines his shot
2 Evan Turner I know his range is limited now, but he is so very good in the other phases, and really where is OSU w/o him?
3 X. Henry Surrounded by veteran talent and still able to shine within the team context, can he be a go to scorer? IMO YES!
4 Derrick Favors He is a rare young big who has mental maturity that matches his huge upside, imagine Amare w Landry's work ethic
5. Demarcus Cousins. NBA GM's love potential and he has a ton, will he get better with time, will the big money fracture a young man with noted maturity issues


1 Wall If UK wins the championship is there really any doubt, not the most polished but who would you rather have?
2 Wesley Johnson Who other than Turner has used there game to elevate a team that doesn't belong in the polls to being nationally relevant
3 Evan Turner, with him they contend for a big 10 title, w/o him they are really only a slightly above average team
4 Jon Scheyer, I hate to say it but he is BALLING he has little pro future but is the kind of college CHARACTER guy voters love, and his play is likely the reason why Duke has excelled recently
5 Pitman/Favors/Aminu/Aldrich/ Waiting for one or more of these big guys to fall off, or elevate their game and become consistently DOMINANT as in showing an ability to control a game individually against like competition whistle to whistle.

Disclaimer: Pittman and James absolutely demolished the more highly acclaimed UNC front court in their meeting in Dallas earlier this year, and at this point I remain undecided as to whether they are outstanding individual players, or are the numbers a product of the synergy created by playing together on an otherwise outstanding team.

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Damion James over Scheyer in

Damion James over Scheyer in my book

He's been killing against tougher competition he's having a better season than Scheyer and played a tougher schedule

Jon Scheyer Worthy Opponents he's done good against:

UCONN: 19 Pts 5 Ast 5 Reb

Gonzaga: 20 Pts 5 Ast 8 Reb

Iowa St: 31 Pts 3 Ast 4 Reb

Damion James

Pitt: 20 Pts 9 Reb

USC: 19 Pts 9 Reb

UNC: 25 Pts 15 Reb

MSU: 23 Pts 13 Reb

Arkansas: 20 Pts 9 Reb

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Hey ! Can somebody tell me

Hey !
Can somebody tell me why high school players are ineligible?

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Just a side not on Cole

Just a side not on Cole Aldrich. Numbers aren't saying everything in his case. He is only playing about 25 minutes per game and still putting up 11 pts 10 rbs and 3.7 blocks per game. Bill Self is resting him for conference and late season runs, not because he has to, but because Kansas is so deep he can. I look for Aldrich to be a 15 11 and 4 guy by the end of Feb.

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another side note.. favors

another side note.. favors has big upside but hes doesnt have landrys work ethic. maybe he does in practice sinc ei havent seen him pracice but in the games its not there. and dont hold youre breath waiting for him to dominate the acc. its not gonna happen. everything else seems pretty good

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