Gordon, Gallinari

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Gordon, Gallinari

A bunch of people ripped on New york for taking the italian stallion ahead of Gordan but what do you think New York would have done now see as how Dani has developed. I personally world have still choosen gordan because i think he is going to turn into a scoring machine but who would you guys pick?

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I think Gallinari is like

I think Gallinari is like more unique than Gordon, there are a bunch of greatly scoring SG like Kobe, Wade, Johnson, JR Smith, Crawford, etc. but a tall SF that may is already one of the best 3pt shooters in the league and if becomes better all around may sometime be an all star is pretty rare. I'm also bias for being european and happy for avery european prospect, but still Gallinari is just real damn intriguing, though right now I'd pick Gordon for my team, but I really hope Danilo becomes something special.

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I bet Mike D'Antoni is quite

I bet Mike D'Antoni is quite happy with Danilo lol. Nothing better than a great chucker in that offense.

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