Tell me your all-star starters!

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i wasn't even gonna go with

i wasn't even gonna go with the boozer comparison because as you know I'm not a big booz fan and it wouldn't upset me if landry made over it him. BUt to make the team, that means he has to beat out guys like amare, or Pau (assuming he gets healthy) or ZRandolph, and I can't put landry ahead of any of those guys. Boozer would be just ahead of landry in my books too, but not by a whole lot.

As for Brook, yeah, I'm one guy on here who talks abot people putting too much emphasis into a teams record. A teams record matters, but when a guy is doing his job and you know he would be doing that same thing on just about any other team, then they should make the all-star team. Brook has been the second best center in the east and if David Lee is gona make it, then why not brook just because his team sucks. I also thought AL Jefferson got robbed last season. I would put him over shaq, amare and maybe even pau the way he was killing it.

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