Blazers going on a long losing streak?

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Blazers going on a long losing streak?

Ok so we've lost back to back games to the clippers and then the grizzlies. Next up are Lakers, Cavs, Bucks, and Magic at home. Then east coast road trip to wizards, sixers, celtics, and pistons. The road trip doesn't look bad but with only 8 players on the roster thats healthy, its going to be tough.

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Wow... They have some tough

Wow... They have some tough games approaching.

The Lakers don't play well in Portland, but with only eight players... I can't see the Blazers getting that one... Unless the Lakers don't play hard like they often tend to do. I can see a win vs the Bucks. Idk about the Magic... They haven't been playing great, but Howard should have a big game since the Blazers have no bigs. The good thing, is they're playing in front of their home crowd and give the team a lot of energy.

As far as their road trip goes... I think the Wizards, Sixers and Pistons are all winnable games. They'll be in trouble vs the Celtics though.

I think IF they can go 4-3, that'd be great for them considering their injuries.

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