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Demarcus Cousins: I like his young and untapped potential. Though, Cousins can be risky in one way, his work ethic. I'm not so worried about that as others because he's really immature at this point, which I would expect being he's only 19. Looking at his skill-set, he really has no disadvantages. Cousins has shown Guard skills and long-range shooting which is rare for 7'0'' bangers. You put him next to Noah, you'll have scoring on the low-post, refined defense and youth. His ability to put him numbers in mild minutes is impressive.
Outlook: Eddy Curry + handles + rebounding + shooting + defense.
Bulls need: 9+

Lance Stephenson: Not only does he have talent but the big moment occurrence is just another lapse for him. Stephenson had the target on his back early, dating prior to 2005. So, of course, I'm not worried about his tolerance in that respect. Bearcats' freshman, Stephenson, captured my admiration during the game against Uconn, displaying his willing passing and clutchness. This guy has it all; he can create shots in the role of Lead Guard, or breakdown defenses and bullying his way to the cup. His three pointers aren't where they need to be, but just like Rose, Stephenson has adapted to shooting efficiently within 18 feet. If he ever gets it together, far as the attitude goes and the conditioning, Stephenson can be top 5 talent going into the NBA Draft.
Outlook: Joe Johnson - three point shooting + handles + fluid creativity - athleticism.
Bulls need: 8+

Xavier Henry: Early in the season, people started to notice him for his good decision making ability and shooting touch - the body too. Right now, Henry is good at shooting the basketball from distance and creating off the dribble with high IQ dishes. I really like his prospects with Derrick Rose, though expect better than Ben Gordon. His spot-up capability is off-the-chart. His repetitions are obvious because his form and release, it rarely changes. His heavyset body has shown limitations in his athleticism but the kid is beasty, moreover, I'm not sure if there are many SG's in the NBA that can handle his strength in one-on-one settings.
Outlook: Michael Redd + bigger.
Bulls need: 10+

Cole Aldrich: Can you imagine him and Noah in the same front-court? Man, that pair would be difficult for most teams to handle, assuming Noah continues to play untamed and Aldrich shows his projected upside. Speaking of his upside, the back-to-basket post game is fluid, his agility is evident and arguably, Aldrich jumper and defense is probably better than Tyrus Thomas'.
Outlook: Brook Lopez - non-space eater + fluid + energetic.
Bulls need: 9.5+

Evan Turner: The fan favorite, Evan Turner, has the whole requirements of versatility. I like his passing; shot-off-the-dribble; Lead Forward capabilities. He can do it all. Turner would allow Rose to play off the ball and Rose could do the same for Turner. We know for fact that no Guard in the league can handle Rose in a seven game playoff series. Turner projects the same way, no Guard can match his length, strength, ball-handling combination. They could be interesting in the same back-court, though my mild concern is will he project as a Guard or Forward at the NBA combine. Who wants another John Salmons?
Outlook: Brandon Roy - ball protection + size.
Bulls need: 9.0+

Wes Johnson: Bulls are transitioning to keyed in defense nowadays. This guy with the great smile can prove useful in Chicago. Wes-J has the quick release that Rose need at the moment. Though, underrated, his defense can cause problems in the future. His offensive package is evolving into something great but I'm still looking for the dribbling aspect to kick-in.
Outlook: Carmelo Anthony - strength - instincts.
Bulls need: 8.5+

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i agree with with pretty

i agree with with pretty much all your information except where u said lance stephenson will be like joe johnson but a better 3pt shooter dribbler and fluid creativity. Johnson is amamzing at all of those he shoots 38% from 3pt range nothing eye popping but i dont see Lance doing any better then that. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTN0xJigLFI Like come on he brings the ball up as a point guard sometimes as well and averages 5 assists from the 2 guard position and is like 1 of only 4-5 plays in the league averaging 20 5 5 i just dont see that from Lance

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I actually think the Bulls

I actually think the Bulls need a SG to play next to D-Rose. Everybody wants D-Wade and Joe Johnson to come Chicago, but I highly doubt that they will leave their teams seeing that their teams can give them the max contract and its highly doubt full that D-Wade and Joe Johnson will take pay cuts.

Here are some guys that I've been watching that I think could play next to D-Rose

Patrick Christopher- Cal
Willie Warren- Oklahoma
Manny Harris-Michigan
Evan Turner-Ohio State
Xavier Henry-Kansas
James Anderson-Oklahoma State
Marcus Ginyard-UNC
Jordan Crawford-Xavier
Lance Stephenson-Cincy
Reggie Redding-Villanova
Scotty Hopson-Tennessee
William Buford-Ohio State
Terrico White-Ole Miss
Dominique Jones -South Florida
Durrell Summers-Michigan State
Jimmy Butler-Marquette
Iman Shumpert- Georgia Tech
Elliot Williams-Memphis

And Ithink that one of these guards have a chance at getting drafted by the Bulls.

Manny Harris- 20.1ppg 7.5rbs 5.1apg
Evan Turner- 18.5ppg 11.4rbs 5.9apg
Terrico White -17ppg 4.4rbs 1.3 apg
James Anderson-22.1ppg 6rbs 2apg
Elliot Williams-20.7ppg 4.6rbs 3.8apg
Scoty Hopson-13.7ppg 3.7rbs 1.5apg
Lance Stephenson-13.3ppg 4.9rbs 2.9 apg

These are the guards that impress me.

Out of all those guards these guys really impress me.

Evan Turner 6'6-6'7 Can play point guard to small sf. Starting PG at Ohio State
Xavier Henry 6'6-6'7 Inside-Outside Threat
James Anderson 6'6 Can shoot the 3pt and get to the rim
Lance Stephenson 6'5-6'6 Scores at will
Scotty Hopson 6'6-6'7 Attacks the rims and can score at will
Terrico White 6'4-6'5 Plays like D-Wade
Elliot Williams 6'4-6'5 Mad hops

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I think depending on where

I think depending on where the Bulls draft that the best players for them would be Xavier Henry, Willie Warren, Patrick Paterson(I think he will be atleast a david west type player), Lance Stepenson, and Evan Turner.

Xavier Henry- His lack of quickness and speed scares me, but if he maximizes his 3pt jumpshot I think he can be an effective SG in the league. Maximum estimated output for Henry: 18ppg, 6rpg, 3apg.

Willie Warren- I think he would fit perfectly on this team. Effectively doing what Ben Gordon did except I think Warren can be better. Maximum estimated output for Warren: 22ppg, 4rpg, 4apg.

Patrick Patterson- They need a low post scorer. I believe that Patterson will be a very solid player in this league possibly and all star 2 or 3 times. Maximum estimated output for Patterson: 18ppg, 9 rpg

Lance Stephenson- The biggest question mark of these 5 players. I have watched him ply a few times and if he matures I think he will be a very good number 2 option on a good team. Maximum estimated output for Stephenson: 24ppg, 7rpg, 4apg

Evan Turner- I think that Turner would be the least suited for this team but with his talent he would find a way to be effective. Everyone has him slated as a B. Roy kind of guy, but I think he will be more like Rip Hamilton and thats not bad. Maximum estimated output for Turner: 17ppg, 5rpg, 5apg

These are the guys in my opinion that would fit the best on the Bulls. It depends on where they draft who they get. I wouldn't take Patterson over Aldrich, but I think the Bulls will finish in the playoffs this year and won't have a shot at a guy like Aldrich. I think they will be drafting around 16. So realistically, at this point, they have a shot at Warren(chance he falls out of lotto), Patterson, and Stephenson from my list.

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Bulls Draft Board

I dont like cousins for some reason work ethic seems to play with a 50% motor. To be honest taj gibson may do better than he will coming out the first 3 years. Way to lazy as you stated.

I like the thought of a SHOOTING GAURD not drive crazy guard to play along side rose. Xavier Henry, and maybe lance stephenson can stretch the floor. But they already have salmons who is a clone of stephenson actually evans is a clone of salmons all the same type of player lance is alot stronger less jump shot.

Good post. Free agency is where they will have to make a mark

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Right Pick

Xavier Herney,Evan Turner,Dexter Pittman

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I don't like Lance as a

I don't like Lance as a prospect for Chicago, and here is why...he is a big talent and a big scorer, but neither Rose or Deng are 3 point shooters. If you are looking for someone to play shooting guard for Chicago I think he must have a 3 point shot. Rose shoots about 20% from 3, Deng has a killer mid-range game but rarely even shoots 3's and niether Gibson/Thomas or Noah can knock down the 3. Even Salmons and Hinrich have struggled from downtown this year and Chicago needs that treat to stretch the defense and I think Xavier Henry would be a perfect fit.

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yeah i almost agree with you

yeah i almost agree with you on everything except

cousins does not have GUARD SKILLS. not sure what made you think that but thats completely false. second. he has alot of untapped talent and some 19 year olds are immature but he takes it a lil too far dont you think. also id be a lil concerned with how he played when they played against uconn and unc. lousville big men are slouch and he played very well against them but they are the uconn or unc bigs. with his game he isnt ready to contribute right away in the nba so if youre drafting him youre drafting him with the idea that he isnt gonna do alot in year one.

cole and noah would be a mistake..noah doesnt have a jumper at all and his offensive game is suspect so they wont do much on the offense of end especially since both will be camped out in the lane so the defenses can double up on col if they wanted with out worrying about noah hitting a jumper

i like lance just liek they next guy but hes not joe johnson in my opinion.. i think he will be good and i see him along the lines of john salmons at best when john was doing well. plus rose works better with a shooter. i think henry is a perfect fit for him/. basically a slasher isnt gonna make the bulls much better unless its a super star like wade. rose needs a shooter so it can open up the lane for him so he doesnt have to work as hard to get in there and he can get everyone more involved because teams will have to play honest defense

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One cannot separate the

One cannot separate the goals in free agency from the draft, especially if they end up with a top ten pick. The last thing the Bulls would want to do is draft Xavier Henry or Evan Turner and then have Dwyane Wade or Joe Johnson fall in their lap in free agency. If they go big in the draft, I think they need to go with someone who can score on the block as well as step outside and be a threat. Greg Monroe and DeMarcus Cousins fit that criteria. Monroe is more mature and therefore less of a risk, but Cousins has a higher ceiling because he has the potential to be physically dominant. Aldrich is an outside possibility, but I don't think he offers as much offensively. Donatas could be worthy of consideration. He would be a nice stretch big man and spacing really matters when they have Derrick Rose at the point and non-threat Joakim Noah at the 5. You can't have two bigs on the floor that opponents won't step out on. The problem with Motiejunas is that I don't he will more than a bit player early on (youth, physical bulk, and then obvious acclimation to the U.S. and NBA cultures).

If they want a 2, then I think the list goes: Evan Turner, Xavier Henry, Avery Bradley, Klay Thompson, Sylven Landesberg, and despite the fact I like him then Lance Stephenson. I think they want a shooter. Turner is probably too much of a talent to pass by despite his shot not being where it is for the rest.

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you draft henry anyway and

you draft henry anyway and if you get wade you trade henry or keep him anyway as a 6th man. makes no sense to not draft a good player and put all youre eggs in the basket of getting wade or who ever else. does it really matter if you draft henry and get wade?. you can still trade henry if wade comes or keep him and bring him off the bench. make youre bench tougher and bring a different dimension to the game when henrys in... sounds like a win win to me

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Both Rose and Wade are 40

Both Rose and Wade are 40 minute per guys and Deng is close to it. A smart team doesn't have great investments behind them because he'll rarely see the floor. Do you think it is smart for Orlando to pay Marcin Gortat $30 million and Brandon Bass $16 million to sit on the bench and never play. It is dumb. You certainly don't put a top ten pick in that position where he never plays. It devalues him right away. The Bulls drafted James Johnson last summer despite having both Deng and Salmons who can play the 3. Is any team going to give any sort of value for Johnson in a trade given that he never sees the floor this year? Of course not.

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Wade isnt a 40 min per game

Wade isnt a 40 min per game guy, even if the Bulls sign Wade it would be smart to add a player like Henry... He would add depth, versatility, insurance aganist injury, and 3point shooting ...

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Sorry, 38 minutes per for

Sorry, 38 minutes per for his career. Yeah, they should really use a lottery pick to fill those 10 minutes. It has to be so much more important than getting a big man who opponents actually step out to guard.

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I think Xavier Henry would

I think Xavier Henry would be their man in the draft...I think Aldrich would be another player that's long, a good rebounder and defender, but not good enough offensively...They have Gibson, Noah, and (to a lesser extent) Thomas that fit those descriptions..They need to go after frontcourt help via free agency. They can address their SG need easily in the draft and get better, while Cole Aldrich would just be stockpiling something the team already has in abundance...

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I agree Iggy, my choice

I agree Iggy, my choice would be Xavier Henry. You have guys like Camby and Harrington in F.A. this year.

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I highly doubt yall will get

I highly doubt yall will get Henry, Aldrich, Turner or Johnson. I can see Henry and Aldrich dropping but not Turner and definitely not Wes.

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