Amare Stoudemire

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Amare Stoudemire

Earlier this season Amare was being ripped for his lack of rebounding and slow start to the season. I had to agree as amare was averaging around 19ppg and 7rpg. But Amare has stepped up his game in the last month and I think he deserves some credit. This is the Amare I know and love(as he is my favorite player). Now he still doesn't rebound or play defense as well as I think he can but his numbers have picked up. Here are his stats the last 15 games:

PPG - 23.5
RPG - 9.5
APG - 1.1
SPG - 1.3(very good for a PF/C)
BPG - 0.4(very bad for a PF/C)
7 Free throws Attempted
TOPG- 2.9(A little high but alot less then D Howard)

Where does everyone rate Amare as a player in today's NBA? At his position?

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If all agree that he is a

If all agree that he is a power forward then I have him ranked as the 4th best power forward in the league behind Gasol, Duncan, and Garnett. Amare bothers me though because he hast the potential to be the best big man in the game. He just really doesn't understand how to defend or rebound at a high level and settles too much for his jumper. I also have questions about whether or not he can play in a system that isn't like Phoenix. Can he play in a half court system where defense is stressed??? I have my doubts

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better than Dirk? Bosh?

better than Dirk? Bosh? David Lee? Aldridge? boozer?zach randolph? Im not saying he is / isnt necessarily better than the ones ive listed, but hes definitely not better than Bosh or Dirk... A few years back id rate him above most listed here, but the way Lee, Aldridge, Booze, Randolph are playing I dont know if Id rank Amare 4th overall at the 4.. Just IMO... randolph (whom ive disliked in past) is a man amongst boys out there.

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id put amare ahead of KG but

id put amare ahead of KG but certainly not ahead of dirk and bosh...i mean KG is everyones favorite but is he really that good? he plays solid D and is tenacious but his productivity is = to josh smith's

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pf's dirk duncan bosh i



i think that's the top 3 this year. Gasol and Garnett are right there as well but have had some injuries. Amare and Zach randolph would be my 6th and 7th in either order. Amare is terrible defensively but a stud on offense.

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He is way better than Amare. Better defender, rebounder, even a better offensive player. He plays on a top team so he doesn't get huge stats. He is not asked to score 25 a game.

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Yea Amare is less effective

Yea Amare is less effective than KG...KG just plays on a team with a bunch of weapons. He's a 25 ppg scorer or slightly less when he's the 1st option. He was his whole career before he played for Boston in Minny..

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