College PG's

Just my thoughts people.

John Wall- Best there is. Quick, fast, explosive, can jump just unstoppable.

Kalin Lucas- Didn't get any better, watched him 5 times this year, it's a given he's gonna score just off his quickness and open floor speed, but dude has no moves to free himself up from real defenders great leader tho.

Kemba Walker- Might just be the second best PG in college, very very crafty ball handler, and makes very good decision, also a good defender.

Sherron Collins- A little overrated still a good lead guard, great strength and good quickness make him hard to check at the college level, also doesn't hurt that his team is filled with talent.

Courtney Fortson- Absolute blurr, once decision making improves he will be unstoppable, another crafty guard that can get his own at any given point and time.

Eric Bledsoe- 6'1 version of Wall seriously, wait until next year.

Malcolm Lee- Great size and potential, but very soft not tough at all and shoots the jumper way too much to be so much bigger than guards he plays against.

Jerome Randle- Probably has the best handle in college basketball, dude has it on a rope just a 5-8 I don't think the NBA is going to look that hard at him GREAT player tho.

Talor Battle- Ultra scorer and good shooter, don't think he has a great handle or speed or quickness but he just has a knack for scoring.

E'Twaun Moore- Since Lew Jack went out dude has showed nice signs of running the point, still more of a scorer and slashing type but has good play making abilities that I never saw his first two years.

Devan Downey- Quick, Quick, Quick, ultra scorer who can get to the rim at anytime and finishes pretty well.

What do you guys think?

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Good analysis young dave

Another name I want to throw out is Peyton Silva he has alot of uptick, and once his control gets there I see him as a Earl watson athletic type player

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Im not a basketball guru or

Im not a basketball guru or anything like that, but what do you think control actually means? Like is being in control limiting your turnovers? Or just looking in control while playing?

Because for instance Kalin Lucas turns the ball over to a certain extent but he nevers looks sloppy while handling the ball at the pace he plays.

While on the other hand you have John Wall who sometimes is very sloppy and wild at times.

So can I get a clear explanation.

Just a question

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