Kevin Jones

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Kevin Jones

We talk about Devin Ebanks a bit on this site but i want to know your thoughts on WV's other sophomore forwards Kevin Jones?

He is having a really good season averaging more points and shooting a better % than Ebanks.

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this guy went to one of my

this guy went to one of my high schools rival school so i saw him play in high school. Since then i knew this guy is something special, he is not getting enough credit for how he is performing and he definitely deserves the publicity that devin ebanks is getting

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what position does he defend

what position does he defend

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I talk about this guy all

I talk about this guy all the time. In a previous post, I said that he would one day be a good role player/starter on an NBA team. I actually think he will have a better career than Ebanks although Ebanks is more NBA ready right now.

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