LeBron James????

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LeBron James????

This is not a post bashing the guy or anything because I feel he is a great player, but for some reason everybody believes this guy will win multiple rings. How many great talents have we seen in the NBA only win 1 ring or none and a lot of guys only make it to the finals once. Look at the big 3 it took them to come together and do less to win a ring and pierce and kg could have still dominated games if they wanted to but they didn't they even let a young unpolished point guard play his game.

My point is it seems LeBron's ego is so big he would rather try to win by getting a triple double than win by doing less and letting his teammates shine a little bit. This is the NBA everybody has talent so lets not give them full blame for him not winning. It's about your best player putting everybody in the best position to succeed and the only guy LeBron really helps is Verajao. For some reason he seems to just want guys to stand around and be spot up shooters. His guards are better than just shooters.

Look at some of his teammates that were failures with him and go elsewhere and perfom better than they ever did in Cleveland. Who's fault is that? Look at Shaq he went from 17 & 8 to 10 & 7 he hasn't declined that much in one year. If he doesn't change he may never even get to another finals let alone win 1!

Never count a guys rings until they win one history tells us the best players don't always win rings

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I agree with you 100%. If

I agree with you 100%. If LeBron wants to win, he's going to have to start doing less. Like letting his teammates create for him, etc. He needs to improve his game. Get better at playing off the ball and in the post. LeBron is unselfish, but he could make his teammates better by improving the holes in his game.

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a common theme you see

a common theme you see around here is people throwing out rings like nothing. How many rings will lebron, wade, paul, dwill, durant etc... It's not that easy and a lot of things have to come together to win them. It's not a knock on any one players talent if they don't win because it is a team game.

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If LeBron doesn't win

If LeBron doesn't win multiple titles I'd be extremely shocked...He is not a young Pierce or KG ...He has higher demands...It's only a matter of time until tey put a legit championship LINEUP togther

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im curious to see what how

im curious to see what how much more hes trying to do then jordan did back in the day. the simple fact is it isnt lebron its his team. he hasnt had one team thats comparable to any other title teams..not one.. lakers,spurs,det,houston,chicago,boston,lakers back in the day det back in the day. he hasnt had one team that can compare even closley to any the teams that have won it all. hes passing it he lets others create and his pteammates are pretty good but lets not pretend they are the supporting class of any other team. mo is that 2nd star. how does he compare to any other second stars?..shaq or kobe, toney or manu, magic or kareem, joe dumars, scottie pippen, kg, lyde drexler?

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it would be very hard for

it would be very hard for lebron to win a championship if he has to play like he does all game, he can do that the last few minutes but he would need some damn good role players if he is to win without changing his game.

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Didn't have the best supporting cast but played within the team and took over when it matters. I like the idea behind this post and agree wit it.

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I need to watch the TV some

I need to watch the TV some of these people are watching. LeBron should do less? Do you honestly think the Cavs would be better off kicking the ball into an out of shape Shaq more? If you want to know why his numbers have gone down so much this year as opposed to last, it comes down to a 35 lbs spare tire that he is carrying around that wasn't there last year, which limits him to 23 minutes as opposed to 30. It is also a big reason his FG% is as low as it has ever been. I must have missed when Delonte West and Mo Williams won MVPs, because at last check there isn't a person alive who would rather see the ball in their hands in the 4th quarter as opposed to LeBron. Jordan used to let Cartwright, Longley and/or Ho Grant get their touches early. Maybe they did well, maybe they didn't, but the Bulls made sure to get everyone else involved early because when the game was on the line everything went through Michael and the four other guys on his team stood, watched, and either waited for a kick out or if they were Rodman went to the glass. LeBron is no different. He gets Big Z his looks. He lets Shaq have some looks on the block. He'll set something up so Varejao could get a shot or two, even though no one really wants to see him shoot. In the 4th, LeBron has the ball because nobody else is so stupid as to think they should be the one to create when LeBron could be the one to do so. It is hard to argue with a formula that once again has them atop the East and probably the smart pick to go to the Finals from the conference.

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