Favorite/Best Coaches

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Favorite/Best Coaches

We talk so much about players on this site obviously because it is about players, but coaches have so much influence on players development. College and Professional both apply who do you guys see as some of the best and your own personal favorite coaches out there. For me:

Bob Knight- Never had the greatest players, but made the most of what he had and produced well.

Rick Adelman- Wins where ever he goes.

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Roy Williams - He has done

Roy Williams - He has done great things with the UNC basketball program, making them among the elites year in and year out.

Larry Brown - Mainly because he coached the Pacers while they were a very successful team and like his tough nosed approach.

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Larry brown lost me with the

Larry brown lost me with the olympic team job he did. He tried to act like it was college and he could be a tough guy and sit certain players to prove a pitn, not realizing this whole thing only last like 4 weeks and he didn't have time to be playing head games.

And I don't care for Bobby Knight either. His actions off the court made me not like him. Same goes for guys like John Calipari and the Cheney dude who used to coach Temple.

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I like quite a few coaches

I liked Avery Johnson I thought that he was an excellent coach in the amount of time he coached, Rick Adleman has always been a favorite of mine his teams always seem to play hard and win games. I liked Larry Bird when he was coaching the pacers he was a pretty good coach and he was different because he allowed his assistants to help him in areas that he wasnt good at. Pat Riley I liked him because where ever he went he could adapt and change his stlye of coaching and still consistently win.

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Phil Jackson

Phil Jackson because he's a smart coach who uses unorthodox style with his yoga and meditation... He makes his players calm especially in a critical situation late in a game...

Rick Adelman has always been an excellent coach... I can never forget his statement last year, "It's not about them losing, it's about us winning...."

Jerry Sloan will be remembered as one of the longest tenured coach in a franchise with Utah but it's been amazing both negative and positive way that he has never won a Coach of the Year... I can't complain though, he's still a very good coach and one of my favorites...

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