Maybe the '0' on Gilbert Arenas's JERSEY means his I.Q

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Maybe the '0' on Gilbert Arenas's JERSEY means his I.Q

Al Sharpton said the NBA should that appropriate actions and send a message by dealing with this situation..Arenas was upset about things Rev. Sharpton told the New York Daily News..Sharpton has a point...Everyone knows the NBA is %79 black..And having this story broadcasted on tv stations around the country & world doesnt shed a positive images on young blacks nor the league..Gun violence is the number 1 cause of death among young black youths..Young black youths see it every day not only in rap videos, xbox games, on cartoons and on the news ..But also on their own streets or to their family members..And unless they have parents that teach them,that carrying guns and going to jail isn't glamorous and it could ruin their lives and lead to an early grave....They might grow up its the hip thing to do..Arenas said he stored the guns in his locker at the Verizon Center to keep them away from his kids at home...This guy makes millions of dollars and he can't afford to purchase a safe? I'm sure he doesnt live in a efficiency apartment..Where there's only 1 room..Maybe he took them there becuz someone made a threat on his life? If so, he should hire security...But he says he's a funny guy..And he took the gun out to play a joke on his teammate....He didn't seem bothered by the legal charges he might he facing...He was seen laughing,joking,smiling and pointing his fingers as if they were guns at his teammates..Then on twitter saying ' things are getting like the Ol Wild Wild West around here...He joked he feared David Stern more then the PO- PO..because Stern is meaner....In 2005 the league and its players Association impleted strict rules allowing players to own registed weapons..But strictly prohibit weapons on teams property or league functions...In 2002 Golden State's Chris Mills got a 3 game suspension for allegedly having a gun in an incident with Portland's Bonzi Wells..And While he was playing with the Pacers Stephen Jackson received a 7 game suspension for firing a gun in the air outside of a nightclub...And he wasnt even on any League property...So you can expect Stern to come down hard on Arenas for having his guns in his locker....Arenas seems like a kool guy..He should've known having those guns at the arena was dumb...But his Statements & Actions following the incident are even dumber...Arenas or those that love him..Should have him visit a SHRINK

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