Al Horford

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Al Horford

I'm wondering what kind of ceiling people see Al Horford as having 16 - 10 - 1.5? I'm thinking about trading for him in an all team keeper league.

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I personally feet Horford's

I personally feet Horford's ceiling is Elton Brand-esqe at the PF position. 20-12-2 if ever made the second or third option on a team.

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I think it depends on what money he is looking for his extension. If he is looking for fair amount they should keep him. IF he is looking for 10-12+ then they should shop him

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personally i dont think

personally i dont think horford is truly a center but i believe he could be a legitimately effective power forward in this league (18 and 11 is where is see his ceiling)

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I agree with TaylorCondrin,

I agree with TaylorCondrin, I think Horford would flourish at power forward and put up 18 and 11 if not 20 and 11 as soon as he moved back into his true position. He is very strong, but still gives up both height and size playing center. You figure if he's playing guys his own size every night, with his style of game his numbers would go up.

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I am a big Al Horford fan.

I am a big Al Horford fan. If he is the type of guy content with 8mil a year playing for a winner, he will do great things. I mean you guys are making it seem like 18-11 is not enough. I would always want Horford on my team guy is a winner, has a great motor, and unselfish.

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