Interesting article on the Gilbert vs Javaris Gun Standoff

Here is the link..

also at the bottom which was pretty cool I thought (if you are a rap/ hip-hop fan) is a song by "JOE BEAST" aka Joe Smith off the Atlanta Hawks. I guess its the ATL hawks opening song. I personally think its a pretty sick song. Take a listen after you read the article.

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man, i've been reading up on

man, i've been reading up on this situation, and arenas messed up bad. Let's assume he never really threatened javaris and pointed a gun at him, he still brought guns into a locker room. This is flat out written in the books not allowed. You are talking about a unique situation where you know stern will try to make an example out of these guys and stick it to them. I'm guessing at minimum a 15-20 game suspension regardless. And then you have to see the DC laws on guns. It is one of the strictest in the country. You can get up 5 years in prison for just having an unregisterd gun in a public enviroment. I don't think Arenas will do any time, but again if the legal system wants to amke an example of him he could be playing his last game of the season very soon. And you all know he is overpaid like crazy, so if these things go down the wiz might void his contract and rightfully so. Pretyy bad stuff for a gambling debt.

Oh yeah, and what the hell is a guy making over a 100 mill stiffing a guy who makes 1 mill for anyways?

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Gilberts punishment..

I think he will get suspended for the rest of the season. This is a pretty serious thing, like he actually took out a gun and pointed it at his teammate....and maybe Gil has a gambling problem or something haha. There is no other reason to stress bout 25000 dollars when you are making over 100 mill.

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Gilbert Will Get 15-20 Games

Gil is going to get a 15-20 game suspension and I think it will be very difficult if not impossible for the Wizards to pull rescind his contract if he isn't convicted of anything.

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When you are used to getting everything you want, you do what you want until [email protected] happens. And you are used to money making problems go away.Doesnt always work ( eg mike vick, plax burress) dont do the crime if you cant do the time

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All former hoopers will relate

Lets look at most of the demographics of NBA players...
Lower middle class to poor, Usually a one person household

The demographics usually tell of the attitudes of the players for a lifetime....Gilbert has actually came out pretty good for his upbringing very very good. The joking that urban people from lower demographics find funny wont be to funny to someone of a higher income bracket. There will be some stranglers out there who assume other wise but in all we do joke to that level if the gun was not loaded and he was laughing while doing it.

Now he was at his place of work NO NO NO...this is were the line is drawn. Again he wasnt thinking made a mistake he will pay to the tune of no 100million dollars and life goes on. By the way Javaris Crittenton if given the playing time could be equal to or better than gilbert arenas...

Good luck Gil I feel you but not at work brother just not at work...(as if he could see this)

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