Chicago Bulls Future

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Chicago Bulls Future

What do you guys think the Bulls should try to do before the trade deadline and during the offseason?

I'd love to see Salmons leave, however we manage to do that. Don't think his game is benefiting the Bulls at all, and his 1on1 defense isn't all that it's hyped up to be.

I heard rumors that we would try to acquire Bosh or Boozer through a trade and then try to pick up Joe Johnson during free agency

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picking up a 2010 free agent

picking up a 2010 free agent would be ideal but realistically boozer is you best bet. John Salmons was good last year because he was being guarded by the other teams small forward and he had a big speed advantage, now that he is playing shooting guard he doesn't and hasn't adjusted well.

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it's quite obvious really

package salmons and thomas in a deal for somebody....a post player.......

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Bulls HAVE to get some three point shooting. Their frontcourt needs to be upgraded as well, but they got to get perimeter production first. John Salmons is the most disappointing player in the NBA so far. This guy has been given the absolute green light but has failed miserably. Bosh would be perfect as most everyone agrees, but some shooters are also sorely needed.

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they need a scorer. rose can

they need a scorer. rose can do it but it doesnt benifit the team if hes gotta score alot and not look for people too much. its better if he has a scorer with him so he can concentrate on setting people up and scoreing when he needs to

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They need a PF and a SG

Ideally I think they would like to try to package a deal to get Bosh using a combination of Hinrich, Salmons, and Tyrus. If they can't work a trade out for him I'd expect them to still move some of these players in an attempt to clear some cap space so they could pick up maybe a draft pick and an expiring contract of a lesser player. This would allow them to try and sign a FA such as Wade, Joe Johnson, or Bosh and then use their first rounder to fill the other need.

Best case scenario would be to get Bosh in a trade of FA and then draft a SG. I think they best fit for them in the draft is Henry. He is a powerful 2 who can get to the rack and knock down open jumpers. Rose, Henry, Deng, Bosh, and Noah is a very good starting lineup if they can pull it off.

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