Clippers' DeAndre Jordan making most of renewed opportunity

Clippers' DeAndre Jordan making most of renewed opportunity

A talk with Coach Mike Dunleavy, and an injury to Marcus Camby, have led to a more prominent role for second-year center Jordan, whose playing time had diminished last month.

By Lisa Dillman
January 4, 2010

His season was fast slipping away, getting lost in that dreaded status known as INACTIVE.

Then, last week, two things happened to second-year center DeAndre Jordan.

He had a chat with Mike Dunleavy, initiated by the Clippers' coach. Secondly, Marcus Camby had an ailing left knee, and sat out against the Boston Celtics last Sunday.

Jordan came away with a better understanding of his role on the team, and Camby's temporary absence gave the high-spirited youngster an opportunity to emerge from the depths of the bunker.

"I didn't think I was like in trouble or in the doghouse or anything," Jordan said. "I guess [Dunleavy] just thought other people were playing better at the time.

"It wasn't anything like where he was saying negative things. I was inactive and I don't know why. I'm not anymore. I'm playing now and just going to make the best of it."

That happened in the win over Boston. Jordan played just well enough, collecting eight rebounds and six points. He had similar numbers Thursday against Philadelphia -- seven points, nine rebounds.

If the message from Dunleavy hadn't come through loud and clear, it certainly got across Dec. 22 when he didn't play a single minute in front of family and friends at Houston.

"I've got my opportunity and if I just go out there and produce . . . I know I'm not going to score 20, 30 points," he said. "I'm just going to go out there and rebound, defend and block shots. And when I score, it's a bonus for us."

Said Dunleavy: "The first thing is his rebounding. His size, presence and rebounding is good. Those are the things you look at and say, 'OK, that gives you some minutes.'

"It's all about retention and consistency."

His free-throw struggles are a continuing saga. Jordan is shooting 29.7% from the line.

"I'm working on it. I tell everybody: 'I don't miss them on purpose.' It's going to be a long process. . . . I've just got to keep shooting. . . . When I go to the line, I can't be like, 'Oh man, I'm at the free-throw line.' "

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No offense to DeAndre, but i

He has ridiculous amount of potential even more than Anthony Randolph, the man could become an absolute force in the NBA.

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DeAndre Jordan at best could be Dwight Howard 2.0 if he has that Dwight Howard/Kobe Bryant work ethics... at worst I see him as Steven Hunter... He's got the physical tools...athleticism...shot-blocking ability and size to make something in the NBA... He has already proven that he's a tease of potential with his 20 rebs and 10 dunks in one game... I know he has yet to make a mark now but he's still 21 and I can see him getting better if he stays long in the league...

At my NBA2k10, I traded Taj Gibson and a second-round pick for DeANdre Jordan in which the Clips idiotically accpeted... I'm going to transform him into a monster LOL!!!

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He's still a player that

He's still a player that makes a block or dunk every game that makes you think he'll be a beast in the future. Right now, he's no different than Dan Gadzuric/ Steven Hunter and all the other athletic freaks with no real offensive game

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That's why

I traded for him in my 2K10 with the Bulls so that if his career do suck, at least it won't be in my video game... AT LEAST it will make me feel good.. LOL

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I'm optimistic towards his

I'm optimistic towards his future. He's only 21. I think that if he stays hungry, continues to work hard and works on the little things... He could be very good.

I don't think the Clippers have called an isoloation post up play for him this season, so there's no way to get a look at his offensive game. During the summer, I felt he showed improvement there. He showed improvement footwork wise and that he'd been working on his hook shot, which was his go-to move during the summer.

He's a freak athlete... That's his mojo right now. He's going to score off of alley-oops, tip dunks, putbacks, etc. At this point, he's just trying to do whatever it takes to get on the floor. He'll get his opportunity to do more when the time comes.

the I in win
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in 2k10 you can trade anyone

in 2k10 you can trade anyone with a very small contract (i traded jawad williams) and a second and get him. He reminds me so much of Dwight, without the muscle of course.

Mr. Basketball
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i know it was one year later

i know it was one year later but when DJ entered the league he was bigger than when dwight did. he says his goal is to get dwight howard strong.

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The more I watch him play

The more I watch him play and follow him, the more I see Eric Dampier or Kendrick Perkins as a best case scenario

The lake show2
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they dont have a play for

they dont have a play for him because he has no offensive skilss, foot work. dan gadzurice liek ive always said. every year we will hear the excuse " he has this potential to blah blah" bynum was mentioned but like i said bynum put up better numbers in his second year while being 3 years younger and was puttin gup a double double by year three. theres a reason he was coming off the bench in college behind guys who havent even sniffed the nba. other then dunk and block a shot here and there because he c an jump what has he shown to make some of ya'll think hes gonna be a dwight howard type player? do skills not matter anymore as long as you can jump and dunk?

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