What if.....

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What if.....

What if Boozer, Amare, and Bosh all go into free agency and Bosh and Amare go to Miami and New York. What team do you think grabs Boozer?

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Maybe toronto or phoenix

Maybe toronto or phoenix would sign him to replace bosh/amare

The lake show2
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he will probably go to who

he will probably go to who ever has th emost money for him. hes one of the few who havent mentioned winning being a reason he goes somewhere

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New Jersey

New Jersey

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I think Boozer goes to

I think Boozer goes to Chicago...

the I in win
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Boozer just chases the money

Boozer just chases the money he will go to the best team that offers him a max contract.

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i agree with the i in win,

i agree with the i in win, boozer is one of those NBA players who strictly plays for the team that pays him the most not saying its a rarity in the NBA but he doesnt seem like wining is his ultimate goal but getting paid would be

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Cavaliers and Boozer

The Cleveland Cavaliers incident damaged his reputation and has made known to all people that Booze is all about the Benjamins... It's a shame really because he promised Gordon Gund that he will sign the contract but instead when Utah swooped in, he took the bigger money instead of fulfilling his pledge to be with the Cavs...

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